Colouring Unicorn Mandala

Colouring Unicorn Mandala

The mandala style is an art created by the Hindus to honor their god. Buddhists actually made temporary works of art by making them out of sand so that they can disappear in an instant. Other forms of mandala, those more definitive, which arrived in the West as an art of drawing is the fact of representing a being (human or animal) in a very regular way to bring out the harmony that the Incas were looking for from the creation of the mandala ✿

The coloring is a good compromise to be able to make works quite easily without having to make the structure which is of greater difficulty. There are tools designed to be able to draw mandalas more easily. Some people simply use a compass which allows you to have a regularity in the lines and shapes when you are not a great draftsman ✾

That’s why we decided to offer you a whole article of Unicorn Mandala coloring examples to color in.

Just click on the Unicorn Mandala you prefer, print them out and put the colours you want.

If we can give you one last piece of advice, so that the result is as good as you expect, try to colour the Unicorn Mandalas either symmetrically or with another logic that will allow you to achieve your goals ✽

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The necessary equipment

To make the unicorn mandala coloring to print, you just need a printer, a few A4 sheets. The paper should preferably be white to be able to put all the colours you want.

If your printer allows it, you can try to print on cardboard. This way you can keep it for longer and why not give it as a gift to someone close to you for Mother’s Day or a birthday, for example.

Make a great mandala drawing

There is an extraordinarily wide choice of unicorn mandala colouring, so we had to make a selection. We made 3 categories of Unicorn mandala to print :

1 - Unicorn Mandala : Circular

The original representation of the mandala is in the form of a circle. It is quite normal that we start with this one.

The circle can be regular or not. We will see that flowers can make the outline which does not give a uniform but rather harmonious turn. Nature is at the heart of Indian beliefs, practices and culture. It is therefore not uncommon to see either flowers, trees or other animals surrounded by the unicorn mandala.

The first Unicorn Mandala Colouring To Be Printed is a kawaii unicorn mandala. 2 universes that meet to give a great drawing to colour. A good compromise for the youngest but not only.

Kawaii Unicorn Mandala

The second one is a unicorn mandala quite simple because there are not many details. Ideal for the youngest or the less patient.

Little Unicorn Mandala For Begginers

The next one puts the unicorn in the centre of interest of the mandala by tracing it in black ink while the rest of the drawing is in grey. If you colour it in bright colours, the result will be flamboyant.

White And Black Unicorn Mandala

This one is one of the most endearing with this unicorn mandala family to color. The baby unicorn sleeps while its parents marvel at their offspring. It’s up to you to put the colours in so that the tenderness and softness of this mandala will last.

Family Unicorn Mandala

The wonderful world of unicorns meeting mandala art and this is what it looks like. A coloring of unicorn mandala in the milky way.

Space Unicorn Mandala

The unicorn mandala in its simplest form, that is, a repetition of pattern to make a regular, almost hypnotic design. It’s up to you to play with the colours for who really becomes one.

Unicorn Mandala In Wheel

This unicorn mandala coloring represents the unicorn flying in the skies. Magical and splendid, like the universes represented by the unicorn mandala.

Wings Unicorn Mandala

Symmetry is also invited in mandala art. The reflection of the unicorn in this mandala offers the possibility to play with colours and meanings. It is up to you to decide whether you want to make twins or opposites out of them.

Unicorn Mandala In Symmetry

The precious rose is drawn all around our beloved unicorn. This mandala is romantic. You must bring it all the colors it deserves to radiate. Lily’s counting on you.

Unicorn Mandala Flowers

2 - Unicorn Mandala : Just the head

Now we will see unicorn mandala coloring that leans more on the head of the unicorn. Indeed, the gaze is the reflection of the soul. Expressions, feelings are perceived, without words, by the face. A sad or happy look is not the same. The unicorn has many assets on the level of its face which deserves pretty mandalas: the big eyes, the mane and of course the horn.

The following colouring represents a young unicorn mandala to be printed. His look is mysterious.

Horse Unicorn Mandala

This unicorn mandala colouring is a drawing of the head of a unicorn with a rather peculiar mane. It looks like it is made of several materials. It’s up to you to see if all the locks are the same color.

Unicorn Patterned Mandala Colouring

The following mandala unicorn to be coloured is related to jewellery. Her neck is adorned with a necklace made for her. Full of details, a coloring delight.

Unicorn Head In Mandala

A face-to-face with a mandala unicorn who looks like he’s wondering.

Unicorn Head In Mandala With Horn

A coloring mandala unicorn from another world or from a fairy tale.

Realistic Unicorn Mandala

The next unicorn mandala coloring is a unicorn girl very princess. You can imagine her light eyes. It’s up to you to imagine the rest of the colors for her body and surroundings.

Kawaii Unicorn Mandala With Eyes

This printable mandala unicorn looks at us from the front, and we can appreciate its majestic body covered with ornaments.

Colouring Hindu Unicorn Mandala

The 3 following colourings are mandala unicorns to be coloured in profile. Flowers sublimate them and give a romantic character to his drawings.

Flowers Unicorn Mandala
Unicorn Spiral Mandala
Horse Mandala

This unicorn is magnified by its mandala decoration. She is looking at us from the front, which gives her a personified air.

Beautiful Unicorn Zebra Mandala Scaled

The following unicorn mandala colouring is a unicorn with a very long mane. Flowers brighten up this coloring pattern.

Unicorn Mandala With Long Mane

The magical unicorn adorned with mandala decoration for a doubly magical and wonderful effect.

Unicorn Mandala Under The Moon

3 - Unicorn Mandala : Global

Unicorns are so majestic and elegant that we could not fail to present unicorn mandala colourings in their entirety. The decorations are different, the representations follow one another and do not resemble each other.

The first 3 unicorn mandala colourings gave wings to the unicorns, sometimes like a merry-go-round or a unicorn plush. These colouring pictures are suitable for children as well as adults.

Mandala Unicorn Wings
Unicorn Mandala On A Carousel
Majestic Unicorn Mandala

The 2 following colourings have chosen to show the mandala unicorn rearing up. With wings or big hooves, it remains interesting to color thanks to all these sublime details.

Aztec Unicorn Mandala Scaled
Magic Unicorn Mandala

A major asset of the unicorn is its mane. Like a woman’s hair, it gives her sensuality, character and personality. These 2 unicorns to be coloured in a mandala style have a respective mane to be envied by all the other unicorns.

Running Unicorn Mandala
Mane Unicorn Mandala

Roses, regular patterns, a majestic unicorn, no doubt it is a unicorn mandala coloring. She’s just waiting for you to get the colors she deserves.

Dream Unicorn Mandala

Very original mandala motifs, a unicorn to colour in with a stunning mane and tail. Have fun with this coloring set ready to become a masterpiece.

Zen Unicorn Mandala

This unicorn mandala colouring has managed to give a movement to the unicorn, thanks to its spread wings, the flowers that climb on it and a background, like a spiral to reach a wonderful world.

Garden Unicorn Mandala

The 2 young mandala unicorns to follow are interesting coloring for children and adults alike. They are decorated with flowers or patterns that respond like tattoos.

Christmas Unicorn Mandala
Sleeping Unicorn Mandala

A muscular unicorn decorated with mandala motifs in 3 parts on his body, here is the following coloring that you have the chance to color if you wish.

Little Horse Unicorn Mandala

It is said that you save the best for last, even if all these unicorn mandala colourings are more beautiful, more interesting and enriching one than the other, the next one can, thanks to you, become a painting that could be on the wall of your bedroom or even the living room.

This unicorn accompanied by this fairy, both adorned with unique mandala decorations.

Fairy Unicorn Mandala

If you wish to prolong your adventure in the land of unicorns, we suggest you click on the following link and visit our Unicorn World shop, which specialises in unicorns.

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