How Do You Draw A Kawaii Unicorn ?

How Do You Draw A kawaii Unicorn ?

How easy it is with our step by step guide to help you succeed

As you probably know, the word Kawaii means cute in Japanese. It is quite normal that this word is associated with the unicorn. The kawaii unicorns that we have decided to represent are two examples among many others 🦄

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Kawaii Caticorn Vs Dragon

1 - Step by step : a kawaii unicorn

The new elements are in red on each sketch.

Steps 1 to 6 :

  • Start by making 2 rounds of similar diameter,
  • Connect them with curves,
  • Add the nose and the little ear,
  • Connect the nose to the rest of the body and make the 1st part of the eye,
  • Create the horn and the 2nd part of the eye,
  • Start the mane.
Unicorn Drawing Step 1 To 6

Steps 7 and 8 :

  • Continue the mane,
  • Finish the mane and make the details of the horn and nose,
Step 7 To 8

Step 9 :

  • Make the detail close to the eye, start the tail and make the location of the leg.
Step 9

Steps 10 to 12 :

  • Finish the tail and make the hoof of the other 3 legs,
  • Finish the four legs,
  • Do the ear detail.
Step 10 To 12

You can personalize it by using grease pencils, markers, paint and choosing the colours you like. Colours can be as bright as pastels. It’s up to you to create the universe in which you want your kawaii unicorn to evolve: cartoon, fairy tale, romantic …

You can also add hearts, stars, clouds, rainbows in the background to accentuate the kawaii side of your drawing.

Now let’s try another kawaii unicorn design. You will find the step by step of another kawaii unicorn just as cute but a little different.

2 - Step by step : a kawaii unicorn

Steps 1 to 4 :

  • Start by drawing an ear and the back of the unicorn’s neck.
  • Continue through the top of the head and the base of the neck.
  • Make the horn and the jaw
  • Finish the muzzle and create the 2 eyes.
Step 1 To 4

Steps 5 to 8 :

  • Create the top of the tongue and make the eye details.
  • Do the ear detail, finish the tongue and do the nostrils.
  • Make the details of the tongue, eyes and horn
  • Create the body and the clouds.
Step 5 To 8

Steps 9 to 11 :

  • Create the little front legs
  • Hind leg and tail
  • Finish the tail, the 4th leg and the details of the front legs.
Step 9 To 11

Steps 12 to 14 :

  • Making the mane
  • Making the rainbow between the 2 clouds
  • Doing the details around the unicorn
Step 12 To 14

Steps 15 to 17 :

  • Finish the drops of water around the unicorn.
  • Fine-tuning the lines
  • Colour by following the example or by personalizing your drawing.
Step 15 To 17

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Now here's a video of another kawaii unicorn drawing

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