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Unicorn Necklace For Little Girl Jojo Siwa


Unicorn Necklace For Little Girl Jojo Siwa
Unicorn Necklace For Little Girl Jojo Siwa


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Jojo Siwa is the name of a Unicorn who likes to wander in the forests. The Jojo Siwa Unicorn Necklace is this unicorn’s favourite accessory.

The Unicorn Necklace Jojo radiates a little part of Elegance and also magic while being Cute and also Kawaii. This remarkable Charm Jewelry Necklace dropped from a sumptuous rainbow on which a unicorn was strolling. Our locket will certainly fit flawlessly per of your outfits for any type of sort of night, ceremonial, enchanting, religious or birthday celebration and will conveniently be positioned around your neck. Take your enchanting unicorn almost everywhere you desire with this superb Sterling-Silver Unicorn Necklace. Take on a brand-new style of precious jewelry, the Silver Chain of these Charms Necklaces will certainly make you superb in your day-to-day live and during your nights. This collar includes mysterious and also magical powers for the lady or the little girl who will certainly use this Silver Necklace around her Neck. Endowed with a superb silver Pendants Clasp on the Plated Chain Necklace, which will certainly bring you luck in day-to-day life, it is sure that you will not pass undetected with our unicorn locket.

  • Size : Adjustable Jewellery
  • Material : Sterling Silver Necklace Chain
  • First Choice Necklace : Water & scratch resistant
  • Comfort+ : Light & No discomfort for your skin
  • Don’t get your hair caught
  • Glossy Sparkle surface to Enhance Your Appearance
  • 925 Silver Pendant
  • No Gemstone Bead / Beaded
  • Design of Unicorn Necklace By Think-Unicorn®

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