How To Wash Your Unicorn Costume ?

How To Wash Your Unicorn Costume ?

Getting a unicorn costume is easy – just take a look at its dedicated collection page, but keeping its colours vibrant is a totally different matter. Yes, it can be difficult sometimes, but if you want to use it longer, you need to know the right way to wash your onesie 🧴

This is not a typical garment. It’s such a relief that almost all onesies are machine washable because most people are not a fan of washing clothes by hand. Unicorn costume made of kigurum are certainly thicker and heavier than most types of clothing. They require extra effort and complexity. Your onesies should come with a care label containing detailed instructions and special precautions 🧼

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washing his costume, general instruction

Washing Costume

It is necessary to use cold water to wash your onesies to avoid stretching and shrinking. Always use the gentle wash setting on your machine. A gentle wash will help maintain the softness of the fabric. It’s convenient to turn your onesies inside out before putting them in the machine. It preserves the quality of the unicorn costume and prevents visible wear on the outside surface. Also, sort your laundry and avoid washing light and dark clothes at the same time.

detergents and fabric softeners


Mild detergents should be used sparingly. The fabric tends to absorb excess detergents that make your unicorn costume shiny. The use of fabric softener is strongly recommended. On the other hand, bleach can be harmful to the fabric. If necessary, use these brands with safe bleach and 0% chlorine.

Special precautions for each type of fabric

Differents Type Of Fabric

Cotton flannel and jersey knitwear – These types of fabrics normally shrink after washing. It is important to use cold water during washing. It is also ideal for sorting your laundry by colour.

Micro Polar Fleece – This is the ideal fabric for your body. The fleece does not shrink and the pill does not shrink under normal care. Like other types of fabrics, cold water is ideal for Washing Your Costume.

Drying the suit

Drying The Suit

It is preferable not to use a machine dryer in an emergency, use the gentlest drying option. Hang your sleepsuit at room temperature and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Drying your Unicorn Costume by hanging can take more than a day, but this will ensure its durability.

Color fading

Pens With Color Fading

There are many factors that can affect the color of your unicorn costume. First there is your bleach. Make sure you use the right proportions to dilute the bleach. Too much bleach can damage the fabric and lighten its colour. It is also essential to check and clean stains immediately before washing the entire unicorn costume. Do not wash light and dark coloured garments at the same time. Overloading the washer can also wet the colour of the fabric.

Remember that the first wash is extremely important because it determines the colour of your unicorn costume.

Stacking and shrinking

Shrinking Tools

It is essential to be aware that some types of fabrics normally shrink after washing, especially when washed in hot water. Be careful and check which fabric has been used on your unicorn costume. Stacking increases with use. Cloth razors can reduce the stacking of your fleece sleepsuit, but use it occasionally.

Ironing your unicorn costume

Ironing Unicorn Costume

That’s a big no! Don’t iron your onesie if you’re not ready for the result. (we guarantee it will look 100% horrible!)

We sincerely hope that you will take the advice given above into consideration. Owning a unicorn costume is just the tip of the iceberg. Preserving its quality and appearance can be difficult, but remember that your romper suit and care label are in the same package. You can’t have one without the other.

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