How To Wash Your Unicorn Toys ?

How To Wash Your Unicorn Toys ?

Children’s unicorn gifts such as unicorn plush are perfect birthday gifts for your children. It is important to keep the plush unicorns always clean and healthy for your children’s health. Washing and caring for plush toys may not be an easy task due to the fragility of their material, but by doing so you will not cause any risk. Don’t worry, with just a few tips here, you can do your precious business to keep your children’s unicorn plush toys clean and as good as new.

Let’s start with the simplest methods !

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Surface cleaning

Let’s start with a soft brush or a simple dust cloth. Rub the cloth over the surface of your unicorn comforter to remove dust and visible stains. Another effective option is to vacuum with a vacuum hose, gently vacuum all sides of the toy while brushing its fur with a small brush. Note that the long bristle setting of the vacuum cleaner should not be used but a brush appropriate for the soft and fragile fur of the child’s unicorn gifts.

Unicorn Blue Plush

Stain removal

Removing the stain as soon as it appears is the ultimate tip if you want an immaculate plushie. Apply a little oxygen-based multi-purpose stain remover to the fabric with warm water and gently rub the fabric with warm water. As soon as the stain disappears, rinse with plenty of water. Blot with a clean cloth or let it air dry. Your stuffed animal would look like the one you just bought without any food.

Girl With A Giant Pink Stuffed Animal

Washing machine

First, read the instruction label :

Washing your unicorn plush toys can be a long and tedious task that you would prefer to have your washing machine do quickly. However, the hard turns of the washing machine can easily damage many stuffed animals. Read the instructions on the label carefully before deciding on the appropriate washing method.

Washing Machines

In general, the following types of toys should not be washed in the washing machine :

  • Children’s unicorn gifts with the music box inside
  • Unicorn gifts from very old children with brittle joints.
  • Toys with plastic/glitter details that are easy to detach
  • Toys with permanently sewn delicate garments

Prepare your unicorn before washing it in the machine

Take a quick look at your plushie to see if there are any loose stitches or brittle stitches that might be broken. Pick up the thread and needle and roughly repair them before letting the unicorn presents go through the washing machine. Also, remove any removable accessories such as clothing, accessories, etc. from the toy in case they are crushed.

Keep Unicorn Plush Cleaned

Important notice when washing children's unicorn plush.

Protecting your stuffed animals with a mesh laundry bag is the safest and most effective way to protect your toys. If you don’t have a mesh laundry bag, an empty pillowcase works just fine, secure it with safety pins before throwing it in the machine. Keeping your child’s unicorn gifts in the secure bag will prevent any risk of damage caused by the sudden spin-drying of the washing machine.

It is also important to think about the detergent to be used. A delicate liquid detergent that is suitable for washing fur and is also suitable for children could be what you need. In addition, choose an appropriate washing setting to reduce the impact on your Unicorn Plush. A delicate cycle with hot or cold water is the ideal choice. Don’t wash your cuddly toys in hot water, as this could dissolve the glue and cause the pieces to fall off.

Toys In A Laundry Basket

Hand washing

Hand washing in hot water

Hand washing is probably the simplest and most obvious method of Washing Your Child’s Toys or unicorn gifts. Don’t just try to clean visible stains, as the stain may have penetrated deep inside, especially those that have been there for a long time.

Put a cup of mild detergent in a sink of cold water. Strong detergent can easily discolour or damage the material of your stuffed toy. Completely immerse the plush toy in the mixture and rub it gently and thoroughly. Pay extra attention to stains and moving seams, as this is where dust settles most easily. Finally, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, as any soap residue can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. That’s right! Cuddly toys are a perfect playtime for your babies, so you need to make sure that they play safely and without risk.

Hand Washing In Water

Dry wash with baking soda

Baking soda has long been known as a natural, safe and effective method of cleaning sensitive materials. It absorbs the oil from the toy’s fur and gives it a fresh scent. One teaspoon of baking soda is enough to wash away the stains from a small unicorn plush toy or Giant Stuffed Unicorn. It will be as clean as new.

Cover all sides of your unicorn with a light layer of baking soda, wrap the toy well with a plastic bag and shake vigorously. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes before unpacking and wipe off the powder thoroughly. Use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a garden hose as you would when cleaning the toy on the surface.

Baking Soda

Keep your child's unicorn plush away from the dryer !

An important note when drying lint is not to use the tumble dryer! The high heat can damage the fur and distort the shape of the toy. Hang them on a clothesline at a hot/cold temperature and avoid direct sunlight which could cause discolouration of the colour. Make sure that the inside and outside are dry, as mould can grow in damp conditions and be harmful to your child’s health. Finally, a hair dryer can also be used, a low temperature setting is appropriate for drying fragile fur.

Clothes Peg

Take care of your lint and wash it regularly

Washing your stuffed animal isn’t everything. Child unicorn gifts are so easy to catch dust, if possible every 2 weeks for those with whom your child sleeps every day. What’s more, you can clean them more often on the surface and clean them in places whenever there is visible dirt. Sometimes the dirt is deep inside the inner material, so changing the pad may be the solution. Open the side seam and fill it with a new clean filling that is harmless to your child.

Cleaned Unicorn Fluffy Stuffed Animal

With all of the above methods, your beloved unicorn plush can stay clean and new for a very long time. These animals are not only children’s “toys” but also their best friends who interact with them every day, whether at home or outdoors. With proper care of your children’s Unicorn Cuddly Toys, they will be safe and secure because babies love to chew and nibble on their cuddly toys from an early age. With these solutions for cleaning unicorn cuddly toys, they will make great gift ideas and will delight your princess!

To discover more unicorn cuddly toys, visit our website in the children’s and toys collection. You have a very large choice of toys to spoil and delight your children.

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