Unicorn Origami Easy To Make It : Creation Secrets



Over the years, our team and I have shared a ton of rainbow inspired crafts for children and teens. 🌈 However, lately, unicorn origami seem to be all the rage on the internet and in playgrounds. (My granddaughter loves these artistic creations made of paper or cardboard and some friends have already organized birthday parties with the theme of magic unicorns & rainbows. )

So we decided to surf the unicorn trend ! 😂 Here is my point of view on the origami unicorn. Here is an adorable unicorn made of origami that you can make with your children who love the world of unicorns !

Let’s make easy origami unicorns 🦄

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Material needed to bend unicorn origami heads

➡️ Origami paper:

Scissors ✂️
Pencils (optional for cheeks) ✏️

Cat Riding A Origami Unicorn


Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 1

Step 1

➡️ Take a sheet of normal size paper and cut it into 4 equal squares. (I just think unicorn heads are smaller.) You can do this by folding the paper in half and then folding it in half again. Then cut along these lines. So the paper I use from now on is a quarter the size of normal paper.

Step 2

➡️ Fold your paper along the diagonals + then open it.

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 2

Step 3

➡️ Fold down a spike until it hits a crease

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 3

Step 4

➡️ Fold one side like this.

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 4

Step 5

➡️ Fold the other side like this. (See the triangle? It’s the beginning of a glorious horn!)

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 5

Step 6

➡️ Unfold both sides.

Step 7

➡️ Unfold the fold made in step 3. It should now look like this: (You now have the ears!)

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 7

Step 8

➡️ Fold your tip down to the fold made in step 3. (Now we have the bottom of the unicorn’s face.)

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 8

Step 9

➡️ Fold the bottom triangle as follows

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 9

Step 10

➡️ Fold the bottom triangle as follows

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 10

Step 11

➡️ Now fold the triangle down like this- (The horn is now full)

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 11

Step 12

➡️ Fold both side corners down like this- (We will make the horse’s face narrower)

Unicorn Origami Tutorial Step 12

This is the final look of your origami unicorn. Feel free to use your pencils and markers to unleash your imagination to embellish this beautiful paper unicorn with magical details!

It’s over, Congratulations ! 😄

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