How To Make A Unicorn In Quilling Easily ?

How To Make A Unicorn In Quilling Easily ?

Quilling, such a fun and easy activity ! This unicorn in quilling or otherwise called paperolle is a perfect project for beginners !

Unicorn quilling is a great activity to do when you’re bored, it allows you to pass the time while having fun and without getting bored. The making of unicorn quilling is quite simple (for the one we are going to present you anyway), it allows the smallest and the biggest to be able to make it. Unicorn quilling can be done at home with the family and the children, or it can be a fun activity at school, at a summer camp, etc….

How to make a unicorn by quilling ?

The best thing about quilling is that you don’t need a lot of supplies so it’s very inexpensive. The result makes beautiful wrapped paper creations that make great gifts and are also very cute if you glue them on blank greeting cards.

You can even frame your cardboard creations to display them in your home and make a beautiful decoration ! ✂️📄

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Quilling Diy Equipment

List of supplies :

  • A sheet of card stock
  • Paper not too thick 100/120g – black, cream and pink
  • Paper glue, liquid or in stick form
  • Slotted pricking tool (optional), or alternatively tweezers
  • A pair of scissors (round-tipped for the youngest)
  • A red marker
Spiral Manufacturing Paper

Step 1 : The body, head and legs of the unicorn

We have chosen cream-coloured paper strips, but you can choose another colour for your unicorn.

Start by taking six strips of this paper, the following size:

  • 1 strip of 51 cm
  • 1 strip of 31 cm
  • 4 strips of 13 cm

Prepare free reels with these strips. That is to say, you roll up the strips of paper into reels. The big reel will be the body, the medium reel will be the head and the 4 small reels will be the legs of the unicorn. You can find Great Pictures Of Unicorn Quilling On Pinterest.

Unicorn Spiral Paper Reels Of Different Colours

Step 2 : the unicorn's hair, ears, horn and mouth

Now we will make the small parts to be added to the first coils created in step 1.

You will need strips of different colours (3.5 to 5 cm) to create curls for the unicorn’s hair and tail.

Simply roll up the strips, keeping one end open.

Use strips of cream-coloured paper (5 cm) to create two triangle shapes (the ears) and a different coloured strip (for the horn) to create a taut triangle shape. Take an example from the photo to help you better realize these small but very important parts of the unicorn’s body.

Cut a lens shape (the mouth) out of pink paper and two designs of closed eyes out of black paper.

Unicorn Quilling Bandages

Step 3 : Gluing the body of the unicorn

Prepare the cardboard square, preferably cream-coloured. You have the option of choosing another colour that you like better.

Now take the large and medium rolls you made in step 1 and glue them to the cardboard, placing the two rolls next to each other. This will create a cardboard support for your unicorn.

If you want to make a greeting card out of this holder, you can simply create it on a blank card. If you are planning to frame your creation, you can also leave it on the holder, which may also make framing easier.

Unicorn Quilling Paper

Step 4 : (optional step)

If you choose to cut out the body of your unicorn, use scissors to cut the paper by tracing the edges of the glued reels.

Unicorn Body With Quilling

Step 5 : Gluing of the unicorn limbs

Now take the 4 small reels free; glue 2 of them to the bottom of the large reel, and the others on both sides of it.

Try to make the legs and arms symmetrical for a more harmonious result.

Face Of The Quilling Unicorn

Step 6 : Gluing the unicorn's face

Carefully and neatly attaches the mouth (in the shape of a lens) and the eyes to the part of the head. Use a marker to add pink cheeks, nostrils and a little smile to your unicorn.

If you do this with children, they will definitely need help with this step.

Unicorn Horn Quilling

Step 7 : Gluing the unicorn's ears and horn.

We are coming to the end of our creation. We will now have to attach the ears and the horn to the upper end of the head, gluing them carefully.

Hair Of The Quilling Unicorn

Step 8 : Gluing of the unicorn's hair

This step is our favorite part because it really brings the unicorn to life and adds so much color and visual fun!

Attach the coiled bands with an open end and fix them on one side of the head, close to the ear and tying the pieces towards the unicorn’s body, gluing them carefully.

Unicorn Mane Quilling

Step 9 : Gluing the tail of the unicorn

Unicorn Tail Quilling

Use the colorful rolled up pieces to create the tail as well. Once you have finished gluing the unicorn in quilling, let the glue dry.

Isn’t he (or she!) the cutest ? The finished unicorn quilling is magically fantastic !

Here is a video showing Another Example Of Unicorn Quilling if you want to make another unicorn model. This one is a little more complicated than the previous one but quite feasible for regulars or quilling enthusiasts. Don’t hesitate to review or pause the video to have time to paste your paper strips. (You can also find a lot of them on pinterest if you want). If you enjoyed our unicorn quilling tutorial, you should love our other Unicorn Tutorials.

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