3 Tutorials For Drawing A Unicorn

3 Tutorials For Drawing A Unicorn

It is often thought that drawing a unicorn is a complex art accessible only to great experts. Today the Think-Unicorn will show you that this is not true. It will show you that with a little help you can draw a unicorn !

We have divided this article into three levels of difficulty. Easy, intermediate and difficult. You can go directly to the level you like or you can even do all three if you are really motivated ! 🙂

To start you need :

  • A wooden pencil.
  • As much blank paper as you need.
  • Colored pencils. (optional) ✏️️
  • A good dose of willpower and creativity (mandatory). 🦄

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Level 1 : Draw a Unicorn Easily !

Step 1 2

Level 1 : easy

1) Draw the head of the unicorn

Start with a drawing of Unicorn Head. You can simply make a U-shape as shown in the example below !

Then draw all the details of the face. With one eye closed, the muzzle and one ear. The ear should be a little away from the head.

Help yourself by example ! 😄

Step 1 2 1

2) Draw the unicorn's mane

Step 2 2 1

See ? We told you this Unicorn drawing would be easy ! Let’s move on to the Mane. Draw it between the ear and the head as shown in the picture.

Step 2 7

Now you can draw the Neck and keep working on the Mane. Like this.

3) Draw the pair of Legs of the Unicorn

Drawing a unicorn was never that easy, was it ? Now, here is the first pair of legs.

Step 3 5

4) Draw the body of the unicorn

From now on, take care of the belly and the back. You’ve already done half the work !

Step 4 4

5) Draw the second Pair of Legs of the Unicorn

Let’s continue our Unicorn Drawing. It is finally time to make our unicorn stand on all four legs !

Step 5 4

6) Draw the tail of the unicorn

What would a Unicorn be without its tail ? To form it, draw a large comma on the back.

Step 6 1

7) Draw the horn of the unicorn

Well, it’s very simple. All you have to do is draw a triangle on his head. Like this.

Step 7 1

8) Colouring

Bravo ! You’ve successfully completed your mission by finishing this drawing. Now you can Draw A Unicorn easily ! But it’s not quite finished yet. Without its colors, the unicorn is very sad. Of course you can do it any way you like, but here is an idea of a colorful unicorn that can be fun !

Final result of level 1 :

Final Result Of Level 1

Level 2 : Drawing a kawaii unicorn

The difficulty increases by one notch! But don’t panic. If you were able to complete the first level, you should be able to complete this one. 🙂 It takes no less than 8 steps to complete. We have used the colours blue and red to make the new features easier to read.

Level 2 : Intermediate

Step 1 :

Start by forming a circle that will be the head of our unicorn. Then sketch a vertical line and a horizontal line at the breast of this circle. Finally draw an oval that joins the bottom of your circle. It will be the body.

Step 1 3

Step 2 :

From the top left of your circle, draw a descending line in the shape of a rounded “L”. End the line with an upside down “C” on the top right of your circle. (This will be her ear.)

Step 2 8

Step 3 :

Now extend your “C” backwards first with an arc of a circle touching your diagonal line, then with a beginning of “S” touching almost the top of your circle. Then, to create the horn, draw a triangle with 3 diagonal curves inside.

Step 3 6

Step 4 :

From now on, the look in his eyes. This is the step that you must not miss because it is precisely the expression of his gaze that makes this unicorn so crisp. Draw for each eye :

  • The beginning of a spiral.
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyebrows
Step 4 5

Step 5 :

Draw two small arcs of a circle inside his eyes to direct his gaze. Then draw another one at the bottom of your circle to form the muzzle. In the arc of the muzzle, make two small dots and a smile. 🙂 Place the muzzle on her beautiful mane, wrap her head with her hair and insist on the shapes you want to give her.

Step 5 5

Step 6 :

Make her first pair of legs! You wouldn’t want to turn your unicorn into a quadriplegic, would you? To spare him that burden, you simply draw two big “U “s that join his lower body.

Step 6 2

Step 7 :

With only one pair of legs she’s not entirely off the hook. Let’s continue the work.🙂 First her left hind leg by drawing a large “U” on the right side slightly longer. Then her right hind leg. To form it, simply make a small “L” starting at the bottom of her body and ending at the bottom of her left leg.

Step 7 2

Step 8 :

It’s almost over. All that’s missing is his tail !

Step 8 1

Final outcome of Level 2 :

Cute, isn’t she ? We’re very curious about your results. Send them to us as comments if you would like. 🙃

Final Outcome Of Level 2

Level 3 : Draw a realistic unicorn

Now here’s a level for the real pros! We guarantee that it won’t be easy but we have confidence in you and your abilities.🙂 The one if comes to life in 10 steps. To optimize your success on this drawing, we have chosen to minimize the written intervention so as not to be confused because there are really a lot of details.

⚠️ Challenge : If you manage to overcome this drawing, contact us by email (contact@licorne-cosmique.com) and send us the proof. You will then be rewarded with a 25% discount code on the product of your choice + a surprise gift.🙂 Good luck !

Level 3 : Difficult.

Step 1 :

Start by creating a grid that takes up all the space on your paper. It will allow you to mark your spatial landmarks. (Your sheet must be in horizontal format).

Step 1 4

Step 2 :

Draw two intersecting ovals for the body of the unicorn and draw an oval for the head.

Step 2 9

Step 3 :

Adds lines that will serve as guides for the neck, back and a wing.

Step 3 7

Step 4 :

Trace the shape of the muzzle and head. Delineates the wing lining (for small feathers).

Step 4 6

Step 5 :

Draws the lines that will serve as guides for connecting the tail and buttocks. Then the chest. Then the legs.

Step 5 6

Step 6 :

Determine the shape of the horn, the shape of the wing, then the shape of the tail.

Step 6 3

Step 7 :

Draw the outline of the legs, the outline of the hooves and then the outline of the second wing.

Step 7 3

Step 8 :

Draw a mouth, feathers, nostrils, mane and eye.

Step 8 2

Step 9 :

Adds lines to partially enhance the details of the unicorn.

Step 9 1

Step 10 :

Adds lines to greatly improve the detail of the unicorn.

Step 10

Did you make it ? 😲 Then come and get your unicorn drawing rewards ! 🙂

You didn’t make it ?😥 So try again and come get your rewards ! 😂

You can also find other Video Tutorials On Unicorn Drawings !

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