How Do You Draw An Emoji Unicorn ?

How Do You Draw An Emoji Unicorn ?

Discover how to easily draw an emoji unicorn in just 11 short steps

Who doesn’t love this little animal with the laughing eye ? No one of course. As a general rule, when you want to draw a picture, you like to please as many people as possible. The emoji unicorn is an excellent choice. All bright colours are allowed. It can be depicted alone on a plain background, or with lots of small joyful decorations such as hearts, rainbows, stars and many others.

We will help you to make the portrait of an emoji unicorn as simple as possible. It’s up to you.

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Unicorn Emoji Lamp

Step by step : the portrait of an emoji unicorn

Steps 1 to 3 :

  • start by drawing 2 circles of different diameters. One smaller and one slightly larger.
  • Connect them by 2 curves on each side.
  • Add a vertical straight line cutting the small circle in half, make a thick dot in the left part and at the top of the small circle for the nostril and to finish, make a small circle cutting the line of the larger circle for the eye.
Step 1

Steps 4 to 6 :

Make the unicorn’s ear and draw a line starting from the curve connecting the first 2 circles and going down.
Add the top of its mane, horn and the details in its eye and ear.

Steps 7 to 9 :

Add the mane on the rest of his head following the steps on the drawing.
Finish finishing his neck

Step 2

Steps 10 and 11 :

  • Make the details in his mane to give him more volume and in his horn for a twist effect.
  • You can colour in exactly the same pattern or colour according to your tastes, desires and moods. You can use markers, grease pencils or paint. The colours you choose should be quite bright so that the Unicorn Is Really In The Emoji Style.
Step 3

Little trick :

If you can’t get the result you want, you can also put a tracing paper on the last sketch (step 10 or 11) and copy the outlines and then the details on a white or coloured sheet of paper.

Here is another way to draw an emoji unicorn in video.

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