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How Do You Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Cat ?

How Do You Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Cat ?

Today, our unicorn kawaii cat will be the cat! Many of us have a kitten at home who accompanies us in our everyday life. Always playful, affectionate and at the same time fierce. The design is simple, so anyone can easily draw it, children and adults who want to give a Kawaii touch to their design 🐱

How to draw a unicorn cat quickly and easily ?

To give our cat a Kawaii character, we will use the following resources:

  • First we will draw the head in profile, always as round as possible.
  • We will make a small body with a chubby tail.
  • We will place the cats favorite food by hanging a fish wire !

It’s time to start with our step-by-step drawing tutorial 😀

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Step 1 - Draw an easy Kawaii cat step by step

To make our unicorn kawaii cat we will go step by step. We will use simple lines, on which we will build the image of our little kawaii animal.

Step 1 1

Step 2

The first step will be to draw the head. We will make the head as round as possible but taking into account the nose, ears and hair.
Drawing head cat kawaii

Now we’re going to make a big eye, inside we’re going to place a circle that simulates the brightness of eyes and tears. We will continue with the eyebrows, we will make them short, curved and we will place them vertically, this will give a touch of anguish to your face. We will make a small round nose, two small whiskers, the contour of the inner part of the ear and finally we will draw the tongue.
Draw an easy kawaii cat

Step 2 1

Step 3

Let’s go! It’s time to draw the body. We’re going to design a small oval body, but don’t forget that our kawaii kitten is in profile, so the body will be rounder at the back than at the front. We would miss to include the tail, so we’ll try to make it as chubby as possible and make it look much more spongy.

Step 3 1

Step 4

This is the last phase… Your long-awaited food! To make this kitten even cuter, we’ll draw a fish hanging from a wire on top to make you feel like it’s totally inaccessible despite your desire to eat it.

Step 4 1

Step 5

Now all we have to do is color in our kawaii cat 🐱. We used dark grey because we chose a street cat design, with pink tones for the cheeks, unicorn, mouth and ears. For the tears and the fish, we used blue tones. Finally, in order to complete the design, you just have to draw the unicorn horn.
cat kawaii coloring

Step 5 1

We hope you have learned and enjoyed drawing your Kawaii Unicorn Cat. Don’t forget to share your experiences, tips and tricks to help the rest of the community with your comments. See you in the next drawing! 🙂

A little video to draw a kawaii cat unicorn

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