How To Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Easily ?

How To Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Easily ?

The urge to draw a kawaii unicorn is ageless ! Whether we are a child or an adult, sketching the fairy white horse can only be magical. The only downside is that we can’t do it alone and we think that drawing a unicorn is a pro’s job. Fortunately, Think-Unicorn has decided to put an end to this thought.

Today, whether you want to teach the art of drawing to your child, or to practice it yourself, we offer you a complete tutorial to draw a kawaii unicorn in all simplicity. Contrary to what many people think, making a horse morphology is not reserved to the most seasoned.

With a little attention, our kawaii unicorn tutorial will allow you to achieve prowess. Be careful, these are not empty words, follow each of our steps carefully and see your cute drawing unicorn form itself.

Are you ready to discover your coloring talent ? Get ready and follow us.

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Drawing a unicorn from A to Z : where to start ?

Whether it’s a unicorn coloring drawing or a ready-made unicorn design, you need a basis. As you know, learning to draw is not easy, especially when it comes to animals. Speaking of unicorns, you need to make yourself comfortable because it has to be perfect. If you want to practice with your children, set up a table and stand next to it to follow them.

Important note : This tutorial will show you how to draw a unicorn in two ways. The first one, will be about a kawaii unicorn easy to make for the little ones and in the second part, you will discover how to make a real unicorn. Note that this final part is a little more complex and therefore, it is reserved for grown-ups.

What material do you need to make a kawaii unicorn drawing ?

Before you start penciling your legendary horse, here’s a list of materials to get ready.

  • A white sheet of paper on which the unicorn drawing will be done;
  • A drawing pencil that you will use to make the strokes to properly draw your
  • kawaii unicorn;
  • An eraser to erase imperfections;
  • And finally, some colors that will give life to the animal.

Note: the choice of colours depends essentially on you ! For example, you can take the colors of the rainbow for the illustration of the mane, etc… For our first example, we will use pink, blue, green, and yellow.

Part 1 : Steps to learn how to draw unicorns for children

Let’s get down to business, let’s materialize our animal :

Step 1 : Making the complete head of our unicorn

In order to draw the head of our unicorn as easily as possible, we are going to divide this task into several small steps. The aim is to allow the little ones to learn more efficiently. However, if you wish to colour the cute animal by yourself, you can do so in one step.



For this part, use your ordinary pencil and draw an elongated curve in the shape of an inclined “U” as shown in the image above. For the curve to be successful, it is best to start from the top down as if it were a kawaii pixel art.


Step 2 2

For this step, be as precise as possible. Make your muzzle just in front of your head and add a small nostril. Then, make a closed eye and end with an ear above the head. Be careful, if you wish to obtain a final result similar to ours, the ear must be a little further back as shown in the illustration above.


Step 3 2

Drawing a unicorn without a colored mane would be a waste. For this part, first make a hair shape between the previous ear and the horse’s head. Then make a second shape backwards a little larger and more upside down. For more delicacy, refer to the picture above.


Step 5 2

Yes, you read it right! We decided to do the mane in two stages, because it is a part that characterizes unicorns. To finish the previous work, you have to draw a semblance of a neck to orient yourself as shown in the picture. Then make three or four more hairs above the unicorn’s neck. For the mane, you can add your special touch to make it look cuter.

It’s done, observe your work, a real unicorn head. Now let’s move on to the next step: the horse’s legs.

Step 2 : let's draw the first legs of our unicorn kawaii

The second stage of our unicorn drawing coloring is from the simplest! Indeed, you just have to make the first pair of legs of our fairy equine so that it can allow us to continue the drawing. For this, we recommend you to follow the sketch below. Also remember to put the hooves on so that we can talk more about it.

Step 5 3

Step 3 : Let's now move on to the belly and back of the mythical horse.

To draw the belly and the C of our mythical animal, we will have even less effort than for the legs. Here, all you have to do is connect the legs together and make an extension from the unicorn mane to the second leg. Remember to make your animal more real by making a kind of buttock towards the back.

Note : follow the illustration in the picture so that we are on the same wavelength.

Step 6 1

Step 4 : Let's draw the two remaining legs of our unicorn

Once the belly and back of your unicorn are done, draw the other two legs to complete the morphology of the horse. To do this, simply use your drawing pencil and follow the indications in red on the following picture.

Step 7

Step 5 : let's give a tail to our kawaii unicorn

It’s almost over, let’s give our kawaii unicorn a tail. To do this, start by making a big tail as shown in the first picture below. Then, you can make a few divisions to give more effect to the tail (the number of divisions depends on you, but we recommend that you make three or four).

Step 8

1,000 bravos, you’ve just drawn a kawaii unicorn that’s easy to make from scratch… Wait!!!! You’re right, something’s missing.

Step 6 : Something's missing ??? Good eye, unicorn horn !

We almost forgot the most important element that makes our horse a true unicorn: its twisted horn. To materialize it, you just have to make a spike on the first hair of the mane (as shown in the picture below).

Note: make a spike that goes forward! This way, the unicorn will be more kawaii.

Step 9

Now we can boast that we drew a complete unicorn ourselves. To go further, let’s see how to give more color to our animal.

Step 7 (optional) : Unicorn coloring drawing

For this last stage of the unicorn design, it’s laissez-faire! You can disguise your unicorn as you wish. Give him the colors you like, etc… For our part, we have decided to color our unicorn as shown in the picture below :

Step 10

A video that will help you draw a unicorn easily

Part 2 : How to draw a real unicorn for adults ?

For this second part, we will draw a unicorn a little more real (hair, muscles, etc.). For children, the test may be a little more complex. That’s why we’re making it for teenagers and adults.

We will use the same materials as before (ordinary drawing pencil, coloured pencil, white paper and eraser). If you are ready, how by the first step.

Note: depending on the size of the image you want, you can adjust each of our proportions. While changing one or two small details.

Step One :

This first step will serve us as a chest! To do this, make an oval circle like the one we illustrate in the picture below. Note that your circle doesn’t have to be perfect, you can change it as many times as you like. As we said, the goal is simply that it comes close to our illustration.

Step 1 2

Step Two :

Let’s continue to form our morphology with the rump. Be careful, you must be delicate to draw your unicorn well.

To form the croup, divide the preceding oval horizontally in two. Then, make a semicircle which will be used as buttocks. If you have difficulty following us, observe and reproduce the following image.

Step 2 3

Step Three :

Let’s go to the head and neck of our unicorn. Here, just connect two straight lines as if you wanted to make a triangle. As before, a picture is worth more than words.

Step 3 3

Step Four :

To finish with the illustration of the body of our unicorn, add a line for the tail and four lines for the legs (a bit like we did).

Step Four

Step 5 :

This fifth stage is one of the most valuable! Indeed, we are going to shape the head of our unicorn thanks to small shapes. Pay attention.

  • Draw two shapes on the first line which will later form the upper part of the head and the muzzle.
  • Then connect the two shapes with two lines as shown in the picture below. Continue with two small ears on the head.
    Form a small eye like ours. Remember that the dimensions are largely up to
  • you.
  • Here, add a few details on the head to make it look more natural. Then follow our illustration to make the hooves for your unicorn.
  • Finish the hoof design exactly as we did. Be careful, the lines you see are slightly curved to give more effect.
  • Now shape your animal’s knees and add a few details. Note that in equids, these are called wrists and heels.
  • Make two oval shapes again to serve as thighs and arms. No need to think too much, we have made it for you.
  • Look at the two pictures below and repeat the different steps to form the unicorn’s neck and torso.
    Is this good? If so, finish the outline and make a small unicorn tail.

Note: Use the image below to observe all the steps described above. If you’re on a smartphone, feel free to zoom the image to see all the details.

Step 6 2

Step 6 :

The sixth step will be to place a twisted horn on the head of our unicorn. To do this, we have grouped the different steps in a picture to make it easier to draw.

Step 7 1

Step 7 :

The image is starting to show! However, an important element is missing for our unicorn design: a mane and hair. Well done, let’s materialize this as we wish. For the mane, we just have to make a kind of hair reversed backwards.

Also think of adding some on the tail, on the hooves on the belly, on the chin… If you want to do as we do, reproduce what you see in the picture below.

Step 8 1

Drawing and colouring a unicorn : things to remember

In conclusion, you are now able to Draw A Kawaii Unicorn and as a nature from scratch. For those who have not grasped the principle, the secret lies in the finish of each line. Expert advice would simply be to avoid haste. Take the time to do each stroke well and feel comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to miss! After all, it’s almost impossible to get a cute drawing on the first try. Use your eraser as much as possible and erase the areas that look ugly. Don’t hesitate to reread our tutorial several times to make sure you don’t miss any tricks. If you have a particular problem, don’t forget to leave a comment as well. Thank you !

Drawing unicorn kawaii in video easy to draw

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