Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Step By Step

Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Step By Step

The unicorn is a mythological creatures have always captured society’s attention. Of all the myths and legendary creatures known, it is unpretentious to say that the unicorn is one of the most popular. Its fancy hair and unique horn make the unicorn a particularly attractive creature.

This can be seen by the number of products derived from this animal that are available on the market. Many companies and organisations are offering products based on this imaginary animal.

This euphoria around this fairy horse can make people want to sketch this animal. However, most people think that to draw a unicorn, you have to be a professional or a seasoned artist. Make no mistake: with a few tricks, it is possible to draw a kawaii unicorn very easily, even if you don’t seem to have a Picasso soul 🎨

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The art of drawing a unicorn with our magic tutorial !

The art of drawing is not a precise art and even less an exact science: quite the contrary. It allows everyone to let their imagination run free. It’s a good opportunity to share a moment with your family or to practice yourself. Attention to preconceived ideas: drawing a horse’s morphology is not only for the most experienced.

Thanks to this tutorial, we are going to help all those who wish to make a drawing of a kawaii unicorn. To make a perfect drawing, you will obviously have to stay focused on each of the steps presented below. You will be amazed to see your sketch take shape and transform into a unicorn.

Unicorn Kawaii With A Rainbow Mane

What do you need to know before you start ?

Before you start, you should know that as in any art, it is important to have a base. Indeed, it is a drawing of an animal and it is a little more complex than drawing an object. All this to say that you have to be well installed and above all be comfortable. Indeed, drawing a unicorn requires meticulousness and concentration.

In this article, we are going to present three tutorials allowing you to draw a Kawaii unicorn easily. The first tutorial explains how to draw a unicorn in profile. The second tutorial also teaches how to draw a unicorn in profile, but only the head (a little complicated, but you will understand easily). The third tutorial explains how to draw a unicorn from the front.

Drawing Materials

Preparation of drawing material

You will absolutely need the following materials in order to draw your legendary animal:

  • A blank piece of paper
  • A drawing pencil (preferably HB2)
  • A white gum

You may also decide to bring coloured pencils to bring your drawing to life, as well as a black marker to finalize it. But these two materials are optional.

How To Draw A Unicorn

Draw a unicorn in profile

Step 1 : The head of the unicorn

For this first step, you must be as precise as possible. In order to help you as much as possible, we explain each step in the smallest detail, and we accompany each explanation with a picture.

First of all, start to draw a curve in the shape of an inclined U. Start at the top, paying attention to the details. Once you go up, you will have to draw a kind of wave to accentuate the muzzle. Here is a drawing explaining what you should have after this first step :

Step 1

As you can see, at the bottom, the muzzle must be a little more defined, hence the presence of the ripple.

Next, the unicorn’s muzzle, eye and ear must be drawn.

For the muzzle, you can draw a small curve in the inverted U previously drawn. Then you will have to draw a small apostrophe between the small curve and the end of the drawing. This apostrophe will then act as the unicorn’s nostril.

For the eye, you must be as precise as possible based on the level of the nostril. Then draw a half oval or a wide curve to make a closed eye. Afterwards, finalize it by drawing the eyelashes with small strokes around the previous curve.

For the ear, you will have to position yourself in relation to the end of the eye. Then start with a rhombus. Afterwards, you must erase the end located at the bottom of the diamond.

Well, it’s a bit complicated, but here’s a picture that explains a little better what you should have at the end of this second step :

Step 2

As you can see, the drawing is an assembly of geometric figures. The trick is to be precise.

Afterwards, you have to draw the mane of the unicorn. Indeed, drawing a unicorn without mane would be like drawing a house without a roof! To be able to draw a mane perfectly, you have to start by drawing a shape between the ear and the head. Then you have to repeat the same thing, but this time backwards. Note that this second shape must be wider and more upside down than the first one. Here is what should be shaped after this step :

There, as you can see on this drawing, the mane is almost finished! And yes, this step is done in two parts: now we have to finalize it. To do this, you have to start by drawing the neck of the unicorn, so that you can situate yourself.

In order to be able to draw the neck, you will have to situate yourself in relation to the eye of the unicorn, especially the third eyelash. You will then have to draw a curve in the shape of a neck. Now it is time to take care of the rest of the mane.

This step is very personal as you will be able to customize the mane as you wish. For our model, we have added three more hairs above the unicorn neck. Here is what this step gave :

Step 3

The first major step has therefore been completed. It is time to move on to the first two legs of the unicorn.

Step 2 : The first legs of the unicorn

This step is quite simple, as long as you stay focused and precise. In order to be able to draw the first two legs of your unicorn, you must follow the neck previously drawn. Start with a diagonal line inwards and then a diagonal line outwards. The outward line should not be too obvious. Round off this curve to form a natural leg that follows each other. Then continue the drawing by forming an upward curve. Once this is done, you only have to draw a straight and slightly sloping line: you have finished the first leg.

For the second leg, you have to be on the same spot as the first one. In fact, you will have to create a curve going outwards. Then you have to follow it to the inside by making a kind of “U”. Then go back up with a straight line that slopes outwards. Finally, once you reach the half of the leg, finish with a final curve going outwards.

Be careful, details are important! So don’t forget to put the hooves on for even more realism.

As a picture is worth more than a thousand words, here’s what it should look like once both legs are drawn :

Step 2 1

Step 3 : The belly and the back of the unicorn

This third step is quite simple. You just have to link the legs together to do the back. Be careful, however, not to place the line connecting the two legs at the ends of the legs, but rather about a centimetre away from them.

For the back, you have to connect the mane and the second leg. To give an even more real effect, do not hesitate to make a kind of buttock backwards, as in the picture below :

Step 3 1

Step 4 : The last legs of the unicorn

It is now time to put the last two legs of your unicorn on, so that we can finalize its morphology. To do so, you just have to base yourself on the first two legs. The technique to draw them is the same. Once the last two legs are placed, your drawing should look like this :

Step 4

Step 5 : The tail of the unicorn

It’s perfect! The drawing starts to take shape: only the tail remains. The tail is drawn in two steps.

First, you have to draw a first curve. For a little more realism, try not to put too many waves. Then, you have to repeat the same operation but a little higher than the first curve. Then you have to connect them together: you have a tail that is quite

Secondly, you can give an even more realistic effect by adding divisions. However, it is advisable not to make more than four to avoid a too busy effect !

Once the cue is finished, your drawing should look like this :

Step 5

Step 6 : The horn of the unicorn

What would a unicorn be without its horn ? And yes, the twisted horn is the only way to distinguish a unicorn from a horse. For a Kawaii effect, we advise you to choose a horn in the shape of a spike. Here’s what it should look like :

Step 6

That’s it, the unicorn is finished ! You can decide to keep it as is or to customize it as you wish. For example, you can color the tail and the mane.

Draw another variant of a unicorn in profile

Here’s another way to Draw A Unicorn in profile. For this technique, we will draw only the head of the unicorn, in order to give an even more Kawaii effect. This tutorial consists of 5 simple steps.

Step 1 : The unicorn's snout

First of all, start by drawing a “C”. Inside this “C”, you will then have to draw an apostrophe that will act as a nostril. Afterwards, close this “C” to define a muzzle.

On the upper part of the drawing, draw a diagonal line. On the lower part of the drawing, just pretend you are drawing the beginning of a cloud, with two small curves. The muzzle should then look like this :

Step 1 1

Step 2 : The eye of the unicorn

It’s time to switch to the eye of your unicorn. To do this, it’s very simple: just draw a half oval and add a few strokes to make the lashes. For a Kawaii effect, avoid putting too many dashes. Your drawing should then look something like this :

Step 2 2

Step 3 : The unicorn's ear

To draw the unicorn’s ear, you will have to start with the first part of your unicorn’s hair. For that, it will be necessary to start with a first curve. This curve will come to delimit the place of the unicorn’s ear. Here is how it must be drawn :

Step 3 2

Once this is done, the two upper ends must be connected to each other. For more realism, it is advisable to make a curve. This curve will give the impression that the top of the unicorn’s hair is wavy. Here is what it should look like :

Step 3 2 1

It’s time to draw the ear! To do this, you have to “close” the beginning of the mane and come and draw the ear as follows :

Step 3 3

Then you have to come and draw an upside down “C” to finish the unicorn’s head. Indeed, this may seem a little blurry, but here is what your drawing should look like once this step is done :

Step 3 4

Step 4 : The Unicorn's Hair

It’s time to draw the unicorn’s magic hair! This is undoubtedly the most satisfying step because it depends on everyone’s tastes. For this tutorial, we have chosen to present a hair like this one :

Step 4 1

Then, to complete this step, it is necessary to create the neck of the unicorn. To do this, simply draw a curve coming out from the outside, while being connected with the muzzle and the hair. Here is what your drawing should look like at this level of the tutorial :

Step 4 2

Step 5 : The horn of the unicorn

The last step is the most important: the horn. To make it, nothing could be simpler: just create a spike above your unicorn’s head.

Now you have two variations of the unicorn posed in profile. We will now teach you how to easily draw a Kawaii unicorn from the front.

Draw a unicorn from the front

That unicorn in the front is probably the most Kawaii of them all. This tutorial is organized in seven steps.

Step 1 : the top of the head

Compared to the first two tutorials, which begin by drawing the muzzle, this one begins with the top of the head, i.e. the base of the hair.

First of all, to draw the hair, you have to start by creating a kind of Hawaiian skirt if you can say it like that. Here is what your first sketch should look like :

Step 1 2

Step 2 : The horn of the unicorn

From the first sketch, you will be able to draw the horn. To begin, you must first base yourself on the small hollow at the top of the base of the hair to create a sort of elastic band: this will be the base of the horn. To be clearer, here is what this base should look like :

Step 2 3

Once the base has been drawn, the second step is to make a kind of rounded pyramid. This means that you will draw two more rubber bands. However, note that the other two parts must be smaller than the base. In addition, the last part of the horn must be accentuated so as to emphasize the pointed side of the horn. This is how the horn should look like :

Step 3

Step 3 : The ears of the unicorn

Now it’s time to draw the ears of the unicorn. To do so, you must base your drawing on the hair of your unicorn. Start by drawing two oblique lines on either side of your unicorn’s head. Then connect each end to the head with a small loop. To add a more realistic effect to the drawing, you can place a small line in the inner corner of the ear, as in the picture below :

Step 3 5

Step 4 : The shape of the unicorn's head

The image is beginning to take shape: now it’s time to get into the shape of the unicorn’s head !

For a symmetrical drawing, you just have to base yourself on the ends of the ears that have been previously drawn. Then we have to create the shape of the head: for this drawing, we have opted for a rather simple shape. Here is the result :

Step 4 3

Step 5 : The eyes of the unicorn

It is through the eyes that one can determine whether a drawing is Kawaii or not. Start with two large circles. In each of these circles, draw two other small circles : they will act as pupils. So your unicorn will look like this :

Step 5 1

Once this is done, you can color the fundus in black and leave the pupil in white. This will give a cute effect and the impression that the eyes of your mythological animal shine. Here is what your unicorn should look like at this stage :

Step 5 2

Bravo ! Your unicorn is beginning to take shape. You can then draw two small hooks that will act as nostrils.

Step 6 : The body of the unicorn

Let’s move on to the body of the unicorn ! To begin, draw two curves outwards on both sides of your unicorn’s head, as in the picture below :

Step 6 1

Once that’s done, it’s time to take care of the unicorn’s feet.

Step 7 : The feet of the unicorn

This is probably the cutest part of our tutorial. To begin, draw two circles at both ends of the previous lines. Please follow the example in the photo below for this step :

Step 7

Then connect the two circles and draw three lines to sketch the front legs of the unicorn. This is what your drawing should look like :

Step 7 2

We’re almost there! All that’s left to do is to add the hooves and to put a little relief on the front legs as on the following drawing :

Step 7 3

That’s it! You now have all the tricks in hand to be able to Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Very Easily. This is an opportunity for you to share what you have learned with your friends and family or simply to practice.

It should be noted that drawing is also a fun activity to do with your children. Because of the notoriety of the unicorn, they will surely be enthusiastic at the idea of learning how to draw one! You can decide to personalize your unicorn by adding colors, rhinestones, or anything else that will titillate your creativity. With your pencils, it’s time to apply yourself!

Thank you for going all the way, to reward you find us on our store and enjoy our Think-Unicorn items.

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