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Quickly And Easily Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Cat In Five Steps

Quickly And Easily Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Cat In Five Steps

Kawaii unicorn cats and kittens are cuddly and affectionate pets in every way. With their silky hair, bulging eyes and delightful faces, it’s hard not to get attached to them. Sometimes, to idealize them, we use our imagination to make them into unicorns. And as with all Kawaii animals, we can draw a unicorn cat perfectly. In order to do so, it is imperative to go through five steps. The drawing is simple, but that doesn’t prevent it from being rich in style and design 🐈

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Meogical Unicorn Cat Kawaii

First step : the choice of drawing material

First of all, let’s get the necessary drawing materials: sheets of paper, wooden and coloured pencils, markers, a box of paint, and an eraser. It is best to use a blank piece of paper to highlight the colours of the finished drawing. If it is a drawing that you wish to keep, it is strongly advised to use a rather thick paper. However, if it is a practice drawing, any paper will do.

Then, let’s make simple tracings on which the kawaii cat will be drawn. We have the choice between pencil and felt-tip pen. We’ll use pencil if we want to color the drawing only. On the other hand, if we want to paint it, we’ll use the felt-tip pens.

Unicorn Drawing Materials

Second step : the head

To draw the head, which we note the must be as round as possible, the nose, ears and hair must be taken into account.

We will start by drawing the eyes, inside which two drawn circles will stimulate their brightness and tears. The eyebrows will be short, curved and drawn vertically or horizontally. Thus, a touch of anguish will be given to your pet’s face. Afterwards, we will draw a small round nose, moustaches and the outline of the ear part.

And to finalize the head, we will make the cat’s tongue and horn. The horn must not be too pointed, but it must be larger than the ears. And we must not forget to trace the spiral inside the horn. To do this, small diagonal lines will do the job very well.

Step 2 5
Step 2 4

Third step : the body, the chubby tail and the wings

We’re going to design the cat’s body in an oval shape. This is valid in cases where the Unicorn Kawaii Cat is drawn from the front or from the side. On the other hand, if the drawing is made in profile, the back of the body will have to be more rounded than the front. And let’s not forget the tail, which will be made as chubby as possible! This way, it will have a more spongy aspect.

Without its wings, a unicorn cat would not be worthy of its name. Thus, its wings will be added to its body. To do this, we will draw a rounded ‘w’ and then join its ends to the body of the unicorn cat.

Step 3 6

Step Four : Food or Small Details

Since a kitten can’t be perfectly cute without its food, we’ll draw a fish hanging from a wire just above it. We can even embellish the drawing by making hearts and stars all around the kawaii cat in order to bring magic to the drawing.

Step 4 4

Fifth step : colouring or painting

Finally, we will colour or paint the drawing as we wish, with the colours we prefer. In our case, the more colours the better.

You can also find another tutorial to learn how to Draw A Kawaii Unicorn Cat easily on our blog.

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