How To Draw A Caticorn ?

How To Draw A Caticorn ?

Who doesn’t like cats and unicorns ? No one does. We love them, as you certainly do. That’s why we’re going to help you take this unicorn cat drawing step by step.

You’ll see it’s not complicated, just take your time. It is true that experience can help you draw more confident lines and make your drawing more harmonious.

We have a tip for toddlers or beginners. Use a slightly thicker marker, you’ll need to be less meticulous. The result is guaranteed 🐈

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What materials will you need ?

First of all, we advise you to take a blank sheet of paper. This way, you can add the colours of your choice when you have finished your caticorn drawing.

The thickness of the paper and the size depends on what you want, your mood and above all what you have.

If you wish to give or keep your drawing of the kawaii unicorn cat, we recommend a slightly thick paper (100g or 120g). If you only train, you can use recycled paper weighing less than 70g or a maximum of 80g.

You can choose between pencils or felt-tip pens. If you want to paint your drawing, draw the lines with a very dry grey pencil (H or 2H). Otherwise, you can use slightly greasy coloured pencils, very greasy pastels or thicker or thinner felt-tip pens.

The final choice is yours, and the main thing is to enjoy yourself.

Flying Unicorn Cat

How to draw a Unicorn Cat ?

In the pictures, you’ll see red lines. These are the new tracings to be made.

Step 1 : the unicorn cat's ears

Start in the middle of your sheet so that you have room to do the whole drawing without running out of space.

Draw 2 small cat ears and a rounded line between the 2 that forms the skull of the cat.

Step 1 Unicat Ears

Stage 2 : the horn of the unicorn

Add between the 2 ears and in the middle of the skull, the horn of the unicorn not too pointed. It will be slightly larger than the ears.

In addition, trace 2 arcs of circles from the base of the ears of the cat down to determine the cheeks of the cat.

Step 2 Caticorn Head

Step 3 : The small cat's body

Now you have to form the cat’s body. To do this, trace 2 large symmetrical L’s from the base of the cat’s neck downwards.

These 2 large lines should be slightly rounded but not round. They do not meet each other.

Step 3 Caticorn Body

Step 4 : the cat's eyes and front paws

Now, let’s draw the cat’s eyes. Shape 2 circles slightly apart. If you are not very comfortable with circles, you can use a vest button or a circular object to help you draw a regular circle. If you use pencils, you can use a compass.

In the middle of the two beautiful circles, add an almond that you will fill in. This will be the pupil of the cat’s eye.

To obtain the 2 front paws of our Unicorn Cat, you have to draw them between the 2 big L’s previously drawn. You will make two big U-shaped elongated lines for him. Try to make them identical.

Step 4 Caticorn Paws

Step 5 : The cat's hind legs and tail

There’s not much left for our Unicorn Cat to be finished. Let’s trace the two little hind legs of our Cat. They will be placed on the outside of the 2 front legs and will be much smaller.

They will be attached to the edge of the cat’s body to give the impression that he is sitting down.

The tail of the cat is not very long but a little bit bigger than the back legs so that we can distinguish it well.

It will be juxtaposed to one of the cat’s hind legs.

Step 5 Caticorn Tail

Step 6 : the cat's nose and mouth and unicorn's wings

To form the nose and mouth of our little ball of fur Unicorn Cat, we will have to trace a small U in the middle of his face that we will close from one end to the other and fill it.

The mouth consists of 2 small elongated commas that start in the middle of the base of the cat’s nose and go to the opposite sides. These lines will not be very long and a little rounded. Thus our Unicorn Cat will have a cute little nose and a pretty little mouth.

A Unicorn Cat without wings will not be complete, so we add some on both sides of his body.

Let’s start by drawing a m upside down on each side and then a rounded line from the base of the cat’s body to the end of the m.

Step 6 Caticorn Wings

Step 7 : Details

Don’t forget to trace the spiral formed by the Unicorn Cat’s horn. Small diagonal lines will give this impression of roundness.

You can also add hearts and stars to your Unicorn Cat design to add a little magic to your drawing.

Step 7 Caticorn Love And Stars

Step 8 : finishing touches

It’s time to finish your Unicorn Cat design and customize it. We give you ideas for filling, coloring but you can make others. You can make several of them and colour them in different colours.

Step 8 Caticorn Colouring

What should I do with my drawing of the Unicorn Cat ?

You have a number of choices available to you. You can keep it in a notebook, a binder or even a drawing folder.

You can give it as a gift, either by framing it or by rolling it up and putting a beautiful ribbon around it.

You can frame it and display it in your bedroom or maybe in the living room. Why not hang it on the wall as a decoration in your Unicorn room or how about Playing A Game Of Unicorn Cat ?

Moreover, if you want to redecorate your room to turn it into a unicorn princess room or if you are looking for a unicorn gift to give to a friend or relative, we advise you to visit the Think- shop where you will find all the unicorn decoration you want, clothes, accessories, jewellery and much more.

Video to learn how to draw a Kawaii Unicorn Cat :

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