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Being A Unicorn For Halloween

Being a unicorn for Halloween

Your question today is probably what costume I can wear or have my children wear for this wonderful Halloween costume party. You don’t necessarily want to be totally creepy and maybe keep some mythical magic. The best will be to wear a simple unicorn mask, but you’ll see we have much better !

If your goal is to go out and go door-to-door it’s sure that unicorn pajamas and its magnificent mane can do the trick but you have to put everything on the make-up.

The fascination for mythical beasts and romantic creatures has never been so strong. On Halloween, you’re sure to find lots of people dressed as fantastic beasts like unicorns, one of the most beautiful mythical creatures now popular in stories, movies and fairy tales.

So, how to dress up as a unicorn for Halloween ? 🎃

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The magnificent creatures of mythology and fairy tales have a lasting appeal to people because they represent something beautiful and inaccessible, adding a little mystery to an otherwise mundane life. This is why films like “Nico The Unicorn” or “The Last Unicorn” are so popular with adults and children alike. Who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn for a day? Today, My Little Unicorn offers you everything you need for a unicorn costume for Halloween day including make-up, wigs and costumes that will dazzle young and old alike.

Girl In A Unicorn Halloween Costume


People have admired the legends of unicorns for thousands of years. In the Middle Ages, they represented virtue and innocence. Today, they are considered symbols of all that is good and happy, so it’s no wonder that our unicorn costumes are so popular. Unicorns combine the popularity of horses, with which so many little girls fall in love at a young age, and the mystery of a horned creature that is elusive and magical.

Women Unicorn Halloween Costume


1) Several ways to dress up for Halloween

Start with a basic white outfit and build from there with our adult unicorn kit that includes a silky tail, spiral horn and ears. It’s up to you to be creative in making your unicorn costume. Add glitter, enchantment and magic to it. Your daughter will then be in a magical world all day long!

On the other hand, if you want a ready-made outfit, take a look at one of our unicorn disguises, which are available in several sizes.

Finally, to complete this majestic unicorn disguise, be sure to include a luxurious unicorn wig in pastel shades (everyone knows unicorns have rainbow manes and pastel tails!) and a touch of unicorn make-up for a delicate fairytale look that everyone will fall in love with.

A Woman In Halloween Unicorn Makeup

2) Buy a unique unicorn disguise

Think-Unicorn offers you this colorful new costume which is a great way to show your little girl that she deserves a little change too! There is only one way for you to really get to know this Rainbow Unicorn Halloween Costume for kids and you will probably want to wear it.

All you have to do is figure out what kind of unicorn you want to be.

As you know, the unicorn has been symbolic to a number of unique cultures in recent years. It has become a symbol of Christian values.

Unicorns are mentioned in many pagan tales and legends. They are all the rage right now, and they are still a popular option for everyone. They are similar to horses, except that they are better in every way. In this room, you will discover the method by which the unicorn has been depicted throughout history.

Fast delivery and reliable service will get you your rainbow unicorn costume for your daughter’s Halloween party, which means you can go ahead and wear your horn with pride. Not all products are made the same way! Some products are simple to find the look at an affordable price, while others are finely crafted collector’s editions for fans of the magical and fairy-tale world of unicorns !

Unicorn Halloween Makeup

Other ideas for a successful Halloween

Here are some ideas on how to dress up your daughter for Halloween. Of course, the Unicorn Costume Halloween you choose can be suitable for any occasion. In other words, for a costume party or a birthday party ! The important thing is that your daughter is the happiest when she gets her unicorn costume !

If you want to know more about the magical world of unicorns, find our most beautiful unicorn creations on our website !

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