Make Your Own Unicorn Cupcakes

Make Your Own Unicorn Cupcakes

You all know how much we love unicorns and today we’re going to show you how to make these cute unicorn cupcakes !

These cupcakes are a hit at any unicorn birthday party (even if they’re almost too good to eat !) and they are a perfect match for our unicorn party supplies ! Read the easy unicorn cupcake recipe ! 🧁

INGREDIENTS to make a delicious unicorn cupcake

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For the cupcakes

  • 225 g butter/margarine
  • 225 g caster sugar
  • 225 g fermenting flour
  • 4 medium eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or paste

For decorations

  • 1.5 kg of melting glaze
  • 250g of flower paste
  • Food colouring gel in the colours pink, purple, mint green and black.
  • Edible glue
  • White nuggets not the same
  • Vodka or lemon juice
  • Dust of golden luster
  • Pink chandelier dust
  • Trex for softening flower paste
Food Needed To Make A Unicorn Cupcake


  • Gold or pastel cupcake cases
  • 12 hole cake tray
  • Electric hand or pedestal mixing valve
  • Cooling rack
  • Sharp peeling knife
  • Small brush
  • Glaze smoother
  • Ball tool
  • Dresden Tool
  • Small 6-inch rolling pin
  • Round cutter to adapt to the diameter of the cupcake (about 4”)
  • Small star strawberry
  • Non-slip work board and mats

How do you make unicorn cupcakes ?

  • Preheat the oven to 160°C.
  • Line the cupcake tray with the cupcake cases of your choice.
  • Cream the butter and sugar until light and creamy.
Butter In Milk
  • Add the eggs two at a time with half the flour. Stir until creamy.
  • Once the dough is smooth, take two tablespoons and start filling the cupcake pans two-thirds full. If you use metal cups, be careful not to overfill them. They heat up faster in the oven and tend to overflow!
  • Bake in the oven for 15 minutes. You’ll know they’re done when you insert a skewer in the middle of a cupcake and it comes out clean.
  • After about 10 minutes, remove the cupcakes from the pan and let them cool on a rack.
Bake The Cupcakes In An Oven
  • Before you start decorating the cupcakes, you will need to make the horn and ears so that they have time to dry.
  • To make the ears, mix a small amount of white flower paste with a small amount of pink gel to create the inside of the ears. Roll it out until it is 2 mm thick and cut out a rounded triangular shape.
Cooking Mould

Then spread white flower paste until it is 2 mm thick and cut a slightly larger rounded triangular shape. Glue the pink shape onto the white and use a sharp knife to make a fold in the middle.

Unicorn Cupcake And Knife

Unicorn Cupcake And Knife To Make The Horn, mix 50% of the white flower paste and white fondant icing. Then take two small balls the size of grapes and roll them with a straightener to make a tapered sausage shape, thinner at one end. Then pinch the two thin ends together and twist them together to create a spiral or horn shape.

Weaving A Rope

Cut off the wider end to put it away and once it is dry, take some vodka and gold gloss dust and brush the horn with the gold paint.

Painting The Horn Of The Cake

Once the cupcakes have cooled, take 50 g of melted icing and roll them until they are 5 mm thick.

Kneading The Cake Dough

Then take your round knife and cut out a circle.

Cake Cutter

Brush your cupcake with a little edible glue and place the frosting on top.

Giving A Smooth Look To The Unicorn Cupcake

Use a straightener to smooth out imperfections and use your fingers to make sure the edges are flat and glued down.

Smooth The Edges Of The Cupcake

Next, take a small amount of flower paste and mix in a small amount of your pink colouring gel. A little bit of colour can be very useful, so depending on the depth of colour you want to achieve, I suggest you start with a very small amount. You can always add more to get the desired shade.

Spread it out until it is 2 mm thick and use the same round cutter to cut out another circle. Then place the cutter on one edge of the circle to cut an oval with points. This is going to be the muzzle of unicorns.

Cut Off The Unicorn Ears

Then brush the back of the snout with a little edible glue and glue on one side of the iced cupcake.

Stick The Ears On The Cupcake

Taking your ball tool, make two nose baths on the top of the snout, using a small ball of white flower paste, place them in the baths and press with the ball tool to create a nostril.

Create The Nostrils

Use the same tool to create two eye sockets. Then use the edge of your Dresden tool to create two small creases on each eye to represent the lashes.

Next, mix a little black colouring gel into a small amount of flower paste and roll two small balls for unicorn eyes. Apply a little glue in the holes of the eyes and insert them into the eye sockets. Finish the eyes by adding a little white to black non-pareil to give the eye expression; this can also be done with a small ball of white flower paste.

Use a knife to make an insertion as wide as the ears on each side of the cupcake where you want the ears to be. Then take the ears, which should now be firm, and use a little edible glue to insert the ears into the slots.

Making Notches For The Ears

Next, use the long side of your ball tool to make a small dip in the centre of the unicorn’s head (between the ears) for its horn.
Take some edible glue and put the horn in place.

For the hair, take a small amount of flower paste mixed with 50% of the melting glaze, and use purple, pink and mint green to create three different shades.

Take a small ball of each colour and roll it in a slivered sausage. Flatten it slightly on your work board and use the Dresden tool to mark the icing in long strokes to make it look like hair. Then use a small amount of glue to place it on the cupcake around the ears and the horn to frame the face.

The Finishing Touch

Take a small amount of white flower paste and roll it up to 2 mm thick, using a small star-shaped cutter and apply it to the cupcake’s hair with a small glue.

Finally, using a clean brush and a little edible pink shimmer, two pink cheeks are obtained.

Result Of Our Unicorn Cucpcakes Tutorial

There you go ! Your Beautiful Unicorn Cupcakes are ready to be served at your birthday party (although they are so cute, we don’t think we could bring ourselves to eat them!).

Many thanks to Faye from Pretty Fancy Cakes for this cupcake tutorial. Don’t forget to have a look at our products for your unicorn cakes in our Unicorn Kitchenware section if this is the theme of your birthday party and for more unicorn party ideas, stay tuned to our blog!

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