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The Best Unicorn Accessories To Turn Into A Unicorn

The Best Unicorn Accessories To Turn Into A Unicorn

Whether you’ve adopted the unicorn trend or you’ve run away, one thing’s for sure… unicorns don’t go anywhere ! Especially if our Instagram feeds are anything to go by.

From Starbuck’s infamous Unicorn Frappuccino to the thousands of unicorn makeup tutorials flooding YouTube, knowing how to be a unicorn becomes a way of life. Just a little more magical and adorable than creepy and weird.

The trend has reached new heights this year, as unicorns make their way into every area of life. Food, fashion, hair and makeup, household items… The unicorn’s magic horn has touched most of these industries in one way or another.

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Didn’t you ever want to know how to be a unicorn ? No, it’s not some weird kind of horn-o-plasty surgery, it’s how to fit the trend into your life. It doesn’t have to be obvious and generic. These dreamy pastel shades can help showcase your world in so many fun and elegant ways.

Girl In Rainbow Makeup


If you’ve already thought about how to be a unicorn, then you’re not alone. Google Trends can confirm that there has been an increase in the number of people searching for the term “unicorns” since 2012, with 2017 reaching its highest level to date. Unicorn mania is nothing new. People have been obsessed with these wonderful mythical creatures for centuries. There are cynics who preach that the Unicorn Trend is infantile, and if you are over a certain age, then you should give up the fashion.

Well, well, well, well. To that we simply Unicorns may be mythical, but that does not make them childish. They have become a symbol of hope, happiness, magic and joy. In the 18th century, even the most erudite men travelled the world in the hope of discovering unicorns, mermaids and other fantastic creatures. Why did they do it? Because they gave hope that magic and other so-called wonderful fantasies could exist. And we never want to give that up !

Woman Blowing Confetis


At Think-Unicorn we have decided to give you some inspirations that will help you to be the unicorn you want among many accessories. So, let yourself be surprised.


Adopt your unicorn pajamas and fly away to the world of unicorns. Sweetness and laughter are the order of the day.

These Unicorn Pajamas made with quality materials are perfect to be warm all day long. Of course, you can also add unicorn slippers: the perfect outfit for winter evenings. This set is perfect to dress up for an evening with friends or family while having fun of course !

Girl In Blue Unicorn Pajamas


Just because unicorns are pretty and soft doesn’t mean they have to be childish. Tighten your inner unicorn with this Unicorn Sweater. With a beautiful unicorn on a white background, the slogan “I can’t, I have unicorn” is the perfect way to stick it to your enemies. Pair your sweater with anything from jeans to leggings and make a color statement.

Toddler Girl In Unicorn Sweat


There is nothing more pleasant than snuggling up in a beautiful and comfortable bed. Well, actually, there is. Cuddling up in a beautiful, cozy Unicorn Bedding with your own unicorn. Okay, we can’t provide a live unicorn (we wish), but this blanket will make it look like a unicorn has jumped on your bed and curled up into a ball to take a nice nap. With a unicorn design accompanied by clouds and a rainbow on a pink background, this plaid is perfect for all unicorn lovers.

Unicorn Bedding With Donuts


If you are the creative and curious type and you love everything about decoration, then our beautiful one- to five-piece Unicorn Canvas will charm you. These original and high quality paintings will brighten up your room with color and style. Discover our range without further delay !

Beautiful Unicorn Painting


Whether it’s unicorn bagels, cupcakes, unicorn cookie dough or birthday cakes, there doesn’t seem to be a snack that this magical trend hasn’t touched. If you’re looking to bring a little bit of that colour into your kitchen, then a Unicorn Mug will give you all the inspiration and indulgence you need.

Personalized Unicorn Mug


We now have a mass cultural interest in unicorns, and knowing how being a unicorn can help bring some of that whimsical joy into your life.

The bottom line is this. There is a lot of good in the world, but we see stories every day that show parts of the world in turmoil. We need magic in our lives. Unicorns, whether it’s the imprint of a unicorn on your bedding or pastel rainbow hair, help bring that magic, joy and pleasure. They bring light and optimism and can somehow connect us to our childhood. A time when we had no time for worries and cynicism. That is why we hope that the Unicorn Trend Diy will never end, and that is why we will always ask ourselves how to be a unicorn.

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