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The cute unicorn is there to help you to answer all your questions and thus to bring you its magic ray of rainbow to enlighten you !


At Think-Unicorn, we offer on our online store collections of unicorn accessories and toys inspired by our children’s imaginary world. Against the standardization of our current society, reconnect to a magical universe where unicorns make our clothes and goodies! Find the unicorn accessory that defines you !

The footprints that our unicorn have left by their culture is considerable. When you purchase our magical items, you not only get a little piece of the world of ancient times in your home, but also a direct confrontation with unicorns.

Find in our selection of clothes, costumes and other decorations for unicorns. Jewellery, accessories for your phone or for your future holidays on the beach or even for a birthday party, we offer everything related to unicorns on our online store because we are the number 1 experts!

Why are our customers so satisfied?
You benefit from 4 advantages when you shop with us :

100% Satisfied or Money Back Guarantee

We are convinced of the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. But to reassure you of any unpleasant surprise, we offer our guarantee 14 days after receipt of your order!

Check out our Returns and Cancellations Policy.

Customer Service Dope for Happiness 24/7.
To answer all your questions (order, payment, delivery, return), we are available every day via the Messenger chat, the Contact page or by email at We are committed to answering you within 24 hours.

Tracked Delivery FREE
In order to favour low prices, we have chosen to reduce the number of carrists, even if this slightly increases the delivery time. To thank you for adopting this choice, we are offering shipping costs.
More details on our Delivery page.

Secure Payment
Our shop uses SSL encryption technology: it is hosted on an HTTPS server. The small padlock on the left side of the URL of this page with the mention “Secured” is there to remind you. Your data is protected on ALL pages of our site, especially the payment page.

Think-Unicorn is an exclusively online shop.

All our goods are designed and shipped directly from our suppliers, designers and manufacturers of unicorn jewelry and other stuff. We finally cut out the middleman.

This can lead to significantly longer delivery times, but our customers benefit from record prices in the accessories and clothing market!

Absolutely. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the price of your order skyrocket during the checkout process!

Our prices are inclusive of all taxes and include all charges, such as customs fees and VAT.

This site is 100% secure and meets the European standards for transaction security as any e-commerce site.

The site you are visiting is hosted on an HTTPS server (the small green padlock on the left side of the URL of this page is there to remind you).

Most sites only secure their “shopping cart” and everything related to the payment of orders. On this site, all pages are secure and cannot be hacked or targeted by malicious software.

You make your payments through Stripe or Paypal (your choice), which manage 100% secure online payment solutions.

You have the possibility to pay for your order:
1) With Stripe, with any credit card (CB, VISA, Mastercard and equivalents).

2) With Paypal, using the balance on your PayPal account or your bank accounts. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can confirm your payment by credit card without the obligation to create one.

In summary, shopping and ordering on Think-Unicorn is safe and secure.

Think-Unicorn adheres to the highest industry standards regarding the protection of personal data when you access our payment pages.

Your sensitive information is encrypted during data transmission and secured using high security technology (SSL).

In addition, your information is not saved and only used at the moment you place your order so as not to jeopardize your information in case of hacking of our databases.


At Think-Unicorn, we support an economical and environmentally friendly way of consuming.

We made the choice (A) to increase the delivery time to reduce the intermediaries. Please consult our delivery policy for more details.

Think-Unicorn delivers to various destinations around the world every day. Enabling exchange between different cultures with our products has always been our goal at Think-Unicorn.

We have satisfied customers in many corners of the world!

Delivery options are limited in French overseas departments and territories, Africa and South America.

As our suppliers are outside Europe, our delivery times are within 2 to 3 weeks after validation and processing of your order. In particular, shipping by our preferred forklift driver takes on average 14-17 working days.

The times indicated include the time taken to process, prepare and dispatch the order (from the warehouse) and then delivery by the carrier by post.

You are free to track the progress of your order at any time on our tracking page. All you have to do is enter your order number and your email address.

You will also be notified by email at regular intervals, in particular when the item(s) leave our warehouse.

It is at this time that a tracking number is generated so that you can know the current location of your package.

The invoice for your order is not automatically sent at the time of your purchase.

But, if you wish, you can send us your request by email by contacting us at, and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

At this stage, there is no need to worry, everything seems normal.

As indicated when you placed your order, the delivery time is 14 to 17 working days. The trend shows that our customers are delivered before 15 working days, but there may be a slight additional delay in your case. If you placed your order on a Friday evening or on a holiday, this is enough to explain it.

If you would still like more information, please check the order tracking. If your package has just arrived in your country, it should reach you within the next two days. Otherwise, please wait a few days before alerting us.

To sum up: it is still too early to conclude anything. It is therefore not useful to inform us of a potential derivability defect, it rarely happens. Your order will be delivered to you as soon as possible !

In any case, if you have not received your item within 4 weeks (28 days) for France, or 40 days for Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, then you are eligible for a full refund.

If you find yourself in this case, please send us an email at and we will refund you. You will be able to keep your item when you receive it. Please see our return policy for more details.

If it turns out that your order is really lost (if we no longer receive a signal from the tracking number, for example), we will send you a new item as soon as possible, without you having to generate a new order.

It’s normal.

Your items may come from different locations and suppliers. To avoid you waiting too long, we prefer to deliver your order as soon as one or more items are ready.

You will therefore receive your order in several parcels (which allows the joy of discovering a new package in your mailbox to last for several days).

All our items are thoroughly inspected to ensure that the quality of all components is checked.

If you feel that the product you have received does not conform to the description on the associated product page, do not hesitate to report a defect on your order: contact us at

Important note : Although our producers strive to maintain the manufacturing quality of their products and an inspection is scheduled before each shipment, it is possible that some items may not be exactly identical to those shown in the photographs.

The Think-Unicorn team is committed to returning the product to you or offering you a refund. Please consult our return policy for more details.

We are at your entire disposal! Ask us your question at

We answer within 24 hours on working days.



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