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Unicorn Heart Necklace Gold

$49.90 $32.90

Unicorn Heart Necklace Gold
Unicorn Heart Necklace Gold

$49.90 $32.90

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Why is the Gold Unicorn Necklace so beautiful ? It’s because it was given to us by a Unicorn ! You too, look gorgeous with this Gold Necklace !

Wearing a Unicorn Necklace Gold around your Neck is a terrific way to stick out from the group by being the cutest, most gorgeous, stunning and Kawaii woman. This jewel is a fantastic factor to draw the interest of your good friends and also various other admirers to begin a discussion about this superb 14k Gold Necklace unicorn. Generally, females as well as little girls enjoy to wear Unicorn Necklaces in connection with their everyday outfits like a black dress to bring some magic to their clothing as well as a touch of sophistication. This magnificent elegant Charm necklace can match any type of clothing or gown. This delicate Unicorn Gold Necklace is a “Must Have” for ladies who love Gold Plated precious jewelry with a lovely pendant. Hang your Yellow-Gold Necklace around your neck as well as hang a Gemstones Beads dirtied necklace on it for a Magical shimmering and Sparkly Glitter effect. Shut the Locket of the Gold-Filled and also maintain the necklace over your upper body as a result of the size of the Gold-Tone Necklace. This unicorn necklace goes completely with other jewelry such as Earringsor a Bracelet, as long as they remain sober without occupying too much area. Remain minimalist as well as subtle with a touch of beauty in your Unicorn Necklace with a Gold Chainsand also let it reveal its glowing magic of beauty as well as purity. This is the very best Gift for your friends.

    • Size : Adjustable Jewellery
    • Material : Solid Gold Silver Unicorn Necklace Chain in Charms
    • First Choice Necklaces Pendants : Water & scratch resistant
    • Comfort+ : Light & No discomfort for your skin
    • Don’t get your hair caught with a Clasp
    • Glossy Sparkle surface to Enhance Your Appearance
    • 925 Extender Silver Gold Pendant
    • No Gemstone Bead / Beaded / Extender / Tassel
    • No 10K Gold, only 14 Karat Gold
    • Design of Unicorn Necklace By Think-Unicorn®

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