Easy Kawaii Unicorn Drawing

Easy Kawaii Unicorn Drawing

Easy Unicorn Drawing : Step One

➡️ Sit comfortably in front of your blank sheet of paper with your sharpened pencil.

(Do you want to learn how to make a unicorn drawing (we also call it a kawaii unicorn drawing)? You’ve come to the right place 🙂)

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 1

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Unicorn head easy design : Second step

➡️Fais the outline of the unicorn head with your pencil.

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 2

➡️Faire the nose, mouth and eye

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 3

➡️La horn of your magical fairy unicorn 😉

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 4

➡️Et finally the unicorn ear drawing

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 5

Unicorn easy to draw : Third step

➡️Dessine unicorn hair (1/2)

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 6

➡️Dessine the body of the unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 7

➡️Fini to draw unicorn hair (2/2)

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 8

➡️Finish the unicorn horn with your pen.

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 09

Bravo to you! You finished the sketch of your Kawaii Unicorn Drawing !

Before we move on, what do you think of your unicorn drawing? Is it too cute?

Unicorn head drawing : Fourth step

Now we move on to the unicorn outline. For this you need a black marker, or you can also take a pen with a large lead.

This is what it looks like :

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 10 1

Unicorn drawing in color

You will learn how to make this unicorn drawing easy with this tutorial drawing. The good thing about this manual activity is that it’s anti-stress! Good to know 😉

Let’s get down to brass tacks… Before we get into this creative drawing, what do you need?

Here is the list of supplies (you can buy everything in stationery without worries)

  • The base 👉 a blank sheet of paper or a colouring book or notebook.
  • To make your sketch 👉 take a pencil, an eraser and a pencil sharpener from your pencil case.
  • For colouring the unicorn 👉 coloured pencils and/or coloured felt-tips and/or brushes with paint.
  • To make the outline of the unicorn 👉 a black felt pen
  • Pour suivre mes tutoriels loisirs créatifs 👉 ton ordi ou tablette

And if you want as an option (it will make your kawaii unicorn drawing even more beautiful!)

  • To give a more fun and magical side to 👉 glitters
  • To embellish your Kawaii Unicorn Image 👉 with stickers of princesses or other creatures.
  • And anything else you think would be helpful 😉

Once you’ve put it all together, you’re ready to start your splendid full-color unicorn design.

Kawaii Unicorn Colouring : Step Five

➡️ It’s time to pick up your crayons or coloring pencils.

Kawaii Unicorn Drawing Step 11 1

Have you finished your legendary creature? It’s children’s coloring, but I’m sure even adults have a coloring book. Whatever your age, I hope you like your unicorn, that it has a beautiful mane like all beautiful and magical unicorns. If you want to see this drawing made live, here is the video from which I wrote this article :

Before you leave, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of this tutorial and if you are interested in other online coloring. You can leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

I can put online other coloring books for children or adults 😉

A few free coloring ideas I can offer you:

  • stuffed animals
  • a little pony
  • a knight
  • the lion king
  • the bell fairy
  • a mermaid
  • minnie or winnie
  • a dinosaur
  • dragon
  • Disney princesses
  • pegasus
  • jungle book figures
  • the snow queen

Once you’ve done a lot of coloring online, you can put them all in a drawing bag. It’ll be in one of your cute coloring books.

If you’re doing this with an adult, you can do a colouring section for the kids and an adult colouring section.

For a change and for fun you can

  • alternate between a pastel and a normal colour
  • draw on a board with chalk
  • use additional stickers or colouring pictures
  • painting at home or outdoors in a park
  • or coloring in the car
  • You can take your coloring book everywhere and show it to your friends.

You can take your coloring book everywhere and show it to your friends.

See you soon!

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