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Unicorn Dream Catcher With Wings


Unicorn Dream Catcher With Wings
Unicorn Dream Catcher With Wings


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This talisman was remarkably made by unicorns to ward off poor desires while they sleep by hanging the Dream Catcher Unicorn With Wings over your bed !

  • The circle of the medicine dream catch wheel represents the universe and your circle of life
  • Circles Bring Good Health as well as protection against bad luck and misfortune
  • Each carefully woven web captures your dreams at night
  • The Bad Dreams Remain Stuck In The Canvas and disappear as soon as the sun rises
  • Good dreams will always find their way through the central opening and gently glide along the sacred feathers to bless and protect the dreamer with beautiful dreams
  • Authentic Feathers
  • An Ideal Gift, this unicorn dream catcher Will protect your nights
  • Designed with genuine materials

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