Are Unicorns Real ?


Things that you will no doubt discover with wonder and admiration in this article:

  • Unicorns have always been elusive and difficult for science to study.
  • All great civilizations have recognized the unicorns of real life.
  • Unicorns were traded successfully for centuries during the Middle Ages.
  • Unicorns have most likely evolved, making them harder to detect.
  • Unicorns are as real today as they have always been, and always will be.

You may wonder if unicorns really exist ? This question has been the subject of endless controversy for millennia in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. There is so much literature, so many official documents, live sightings and other forms of storytelling about unicorns, in so many different parts of the world, that we cannot list them all. So we’re going to look at some of them here, and let you make your own opinion 🦄

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Unicorns are real, but we can't see them ?

The first thing to consider with unicorns is their “magical” powers. It has been widely demonstrated that unicorns have the ability to surrender themselves and other forest creatures invisible to humans in the forest they protect. Unicorns are only visible to humans if they wish to be.

Unicorns Are Talking In The Forest

Science and Magic

Since science is not yet able to explain the extraordinary abilities of unicorns in real life, and how they and other creatures are able to make themselves and other creatures invisible to human eyes (which makes the scientific study of unicorns extremely difficult, as science has difficulty in studying things that it does not yet have the means to detect).

We can only hope that scientific progress in the years to come will enable it to Detect And Study This Amazing Animal, in order to deepen our knowledge. In the meantime, we can count on an enormous amount of literature and stories, observations of real unicorns and images of real unicorns that exist.

Unicorn Science Is Magical

Observations of real unicorns are universally recognized

This literature, the accounts of real unicorn sightings and documents of all kinds, range from the earliest testimonies of mankind to the present day in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. There are even paintings of unicorns in the Lascaux cave, which are among the oldest human paintings ever discovered.

Unicorn Observation In The Forest

Recognized by the greatest civilizations

Real unicorns have been recorded and officially recognized by the great civilizations of the world, from China to Greece and ancient Crete, through Mesopotamia and the Indian peninsula, where they are sometimes of paramount importance. In Most Of These Civilizations (not all), unicorns are not even associated with A Particular Mythologycal Animal since they are not associated with the creation of the world 🌏

Unicorns in real life simply occupy the same space as other non-mythological creatures that are very much present in these civilizations, such as lions, eagles, snakes, etc., but they are not associated with the creation of the world. The quantity and quality of unicorn records found in the world’s most important cultures, and over such a long period of time, make them difficult to discard.

Unicorn In The Civilization

The unicorn trade in the Middle Ages

Have you ever been in a forest that was strangely devoid of animals ? Chances are you’ve been in a forest protected by unicorns. There may have been hunters or other bad-intentioned humans in other parts of the forest at that time. Unicorns protect the creatures of the forest from evil humans by making them invisible.

Unicorn In The Middle Ages

A pure soul

Unicorns are strongly attracted to virginity (this is one of the reasons why they have become symbols of purity and grace in Western culture). The only way to trick a unicorn into revealing itself seems to be to use a virgin as bait. This method was used by unicorn hunters in the Middle Ages to trick unicorns into revealing themselves in real life. The Middle Ages was a time when unicorns were hunted for their horns, which are said, among other things, to have the ability to purify water and rid it of any toxic substances it might contain 👻

Virgin And A Unicorn With A Pure Soul

The horn trade

There is a very large amount of literature, stories and observations of actual unicorns that testify to the reality of unicorn hunting in the Middle Ages. The Trade In Unicorn Horns was a very real trade, which lasted for centuries, and is attested to by numerous accounting documents of the time that record the sale of Unicorn Horns, often for very large sums of money.

Modern sceptics are quick to dismiss these accounts, and the trade as being conducted by gullible people who knew no better in an age of ignorance. But the money of then was like the money of today, especially when very large sums of money are involved. Those who could afford these items were not the poor and largely uneducated masses.

It was the rich and powerful lords or merchants who were educated and had access to all the knowledge that was still maintained and deepened (mainly in the monasteries) at that time. They would most likely have consulted each other on the authenticity and reality of the purpose of the enterprises they were engaged in. And this lasted for centuries 💰

Unicorn Horn Trade

The extinction of real unicorns

Why did the real-life unicorns, who must have sensed the bad intentions of the hunters entering the forest, let themselves be caught and revealed to the virgin decoys anyway? The exact hunting techniques remain a mystery. The hunters of the time were very discreet about their techniques, and their secrets died with them. We only know that virgins were used as bait. However, there are two possible explanations:

Siberian Unicorn Extinction

Pollution of the soul

The first explanation is that the virgins used at the time had exceptional “purity” for them. A purity that is perhaps inaccessible in our modern worlds where no one is ever completely safe from the sea of information, and disinformation, around which we are surrounded. There is also the fact that our food and water are always polluted by man-made pollution, which can taint our purity as far as unicorns are concerned.

It is well established that the nature of purity which attracts unicorns in real life is primarily the Purity Of The Soul, if not of a spiritual or sexual nature. Unicorn specialists are still debating whether or not pollution from eating contaminated food can have an effect on purity as perceived by unicorns, and whether or not this is established in the sources available to us. Some sources seem to mention food not to be ingested by unicorn hunters in the months preceding a unicorn hunt, but without further details.

Unicorn Cloud

The unicorn hunt

The second explanation is that the attraction of some unicorns to virginity may have been strong enough to intoxicate them to the point of “neglecting” the hunters and proving fatal. All of these unicorns would have been captured and killed, whereas unicorns that did not lose their heads because of their attraction to virginity would never have been captured or killed.

In other words, the very high hunting pressure in the Middle Ages most probably gave birth to the most vulnerable individuals of the unicorn species. This would explain why unicorn hunting stopped due to lack of success in the late Middle Ages, and why real unicorn sightings are rare today.

Unicorns Hunt

Unicorns forever

Observations of unicorns are so rare nowadays that some people wonder if real-life unicorns have disappeared. It is difficult to form a definitive opinion on the matter. Considering the period we are examining and the fact that unicorns were probably present in the Middle Ages, the following explanation can safely be ignored, even if it is quite entertaining :

Girl And Unicorn Love

The latest observations nowadays on the internet

There are still reports of Actual Unicorn Sightings, but very few. The Internet is rich in more or less reliable reports of unicorn sightings, although most of the videos of such sightings appear to be faked. Nowadays, people are very reluctant to report a unicorn sighting for fear of being ridiculed and generally not taken seriously.

This phenomenon is not limited to unicorns and is widespread in our modern cultures, which are sceptical. A recent discovery of unicorns in real life was made by North Korean State archaeologists who reportedly found a unicorn deer near their capital in 2012, although we do not know whether these findings have been independently verified.

Cat Ridding A Unicorn

They reside in our hearts

One point on which there is no controversy is that Unicorns Are Real In Our Minds, visions, hearts, symbols and cultures, even if we are not aware of them. Literature, painting, sculpture and the arts in general have repeatedly inspired and enchanted us as vehicles of all the meanings and powers that unicorns carry. Since interaction with a unicorn in real life is very rare, this is where their influence and power blossoms and this is why unicorns are great ! ❤️

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