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Unicorn Night Light Color Changing

$39.90 $27.90

Unicorn Night Light Color Changing
Unicorn Night Light Color Changing
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Immerse yourself in the luminous atmosphere of unicorns with the Color Changing Unicorn Night Light ! Wide spectrum of colours with low power consumption.

  • An Ideal Gift for any unicorn fan, this unicorn lamp decorates and brings life to any room.
  • Non-Polluting Natural Material
  • Very low power consumption for your home and the environment
  • Runs on batteries
  • Very detailed colour light spectrum

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    Very quickly, before the appointed delivery time. Quality fully corresponds to the description, beautiful and very well made. Out of the box works perfectly

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    Received in 2 weeks. 2eme order that ke passes and I always love thank you great product

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    ok 🙂

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    The lamp was received, everything is fine, we ordered 8 colors, it turns out that the remote is not attached to it, but it’s okay, my daughter and without it liked

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    As in the publication

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    Very beautiful lamp. It came in a box (for a gift perfectly). On the way a month. No only batteries in the remote.

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    super jolie

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    Everything has come, works properly. 3D effect did not see

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    Love it

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    All excellent, I arrive in two weeks and everything in perfect condition. Thank you

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    My daughter loves it

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    Nice. I like it. The remote doesn’t have battery. You need a round small one. Otherwise nice.

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    Wonderful light beautiful color remote controll works well. Our daughter is very happy

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    it is beautiful but the remote control doesn’t work.

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    Very nice light, missing battery in controller

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    very nice looks good

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    All good

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    Great night light. Powered by both batteries and USB cable. Colors can be changed manually by button on/off and remote control. With the remote I, however, have not yet figured out, maybe just need to insert the battery. The shipment was tracked, but it took a very long time-1,5 months, but it is possible because of quarantine. In general, I’m happy, the child is happy

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    All as in the description. Only the box is slightly wrinkled. Works. Delivery is long, but I’m still happy. Thank you!!!!

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    Daughter is happy, seller thanks

  148. Think Unicorn Shopper

  149. A***v

    Very nice lamp! Three light modes. Flower as shown on the remote. I recommend! Thank you! Remote without batteries! 2032 needed. Lamp also without batteries! AA three things need. Can be powered by USB outlet.

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    Good as always.

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    Walked for a long time, everything is whole, and so the goods are happy

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    I’m delighted! Shipping super fast! Despite the crown. very nice looks. I will order more. thanks to the seller

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    Lot smaller than I expected

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    I didn’t receive my order, but I get a refund.

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    Everything is super. Whole and working

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    Very nice item. cool and very bright

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    The box was in the package, everything is beautiful, works. Included no battery in the remote control and no plug for the outlet. Checked the modes a lot, did not peel off this gift for my daughter. I like it. Seller thanks!

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    Perfect works as described

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    Great for my niece’s gift! She’ll be happy. Thank you.

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