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Unicorn Alarm Clock Children's

$42.90 $27.90

Unicorn Alarm Clock Children’s
Unicorn Alarm Clock Children’s

$42.90 $27.90

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You have a child who likes unicorns ? The Children’s Unicorn Alarm Clock will be the perfect way to wake him up so he can be in a good mood at school !

  • Digital LED display
  • Easy to read time
  • Created with Natural & Non-Polluting Plastic
  • A very original gift idea
  • 8*8(cm) / 3.1*3.1(inch)
  • Wake up and get out of bed with joy to start your day well

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    very quick shipment, really really happy

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    Just like in the perfect picture

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    Love… Beautiful like the picture. Remains with light yet have batteries

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    all OK

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    Without box, without battery.

  24. b***b

    Nice thing only sorry that no adapter at sat.

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    As it comes in the photos, appriori good performance, various alarm sounds and changes color

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  30. f***n

  31. Think Unicorn Shopper

    I’m not overly happy with the size and how cheap it feels, but I obviously didn’t read the description well enough for size and no corn included.

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    I like it

  33. k***A

    arrived safely haven’t used them yet but looks ok

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    Smaller than I thought…

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    Good but I do not know that it batteries corresponds to the small location.

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    The alarm clock is good. Packed not very… No box.

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    Too small. But as it appears in the picture

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    Goods arrived early than the predicted time, about 12 days. So happy with the product. Thanks you seller for accuracy and fast delivery. Recommend the seller

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    Very nice product as picture. arrived ahead of schedule

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    Order on 11/11/19 , get it today 29/11. No yet try, I hope it’s work!

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    It’s nice makes colors but they go very rare batteries and doesn’t carry charger. with a cable and charger you can but none came to me.

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    I have not met such a fast delivery in my life. It’s been a week, no more. The clock itself suits us. Customize simply. Upsets the abundance of batteries, but we ordered extra wire

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    Sent fast and clock equal to description, the only bad thing to buy the power adapter, if not, you’ll spend a lot on batteries

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    It came to me in 2 weeks.

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    Super true my daughter is highly Friden

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    Does not work because the connection of the alarm clock not good Kontact makes.

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    i did not get it, i think it was deliverd wrong. de seller says its delivered so i have nothing

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    I order passers-by hours for the second time. The alarm clock is perfect. Everything works. Came without batteries.

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  119. Think Unicorn Shopper

  120. R***r

    Externally the whole, until I figured out how to turn on and install the clock, while only the backlight works, there is no adapter

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    It came very quickly to France, the quality is normal.

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    Something small expected me bigger

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    Nice alarm clock for child but pity that there is not the cord to connect it to mains. Finally for the price you should not be too demanding so happy with my purchase.

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  150. Think Unicorn Shopper

    The cable is not for charging, it is for colors that also work with batteries like the watch.

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    All right, the only fault is that it comes without a charger and I didn’t know it.

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    it is very accurate in the description.but it does not stay on and only the color changing part stays on for a little bit

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    All OK, good seller and reliable

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    Nice. Thank you!

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    Yes, you need many batteries that are not available. Batteries are almost like a clock,
    While normal, let’s see how much is enough

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    Good clock, there are three backlight functions, off, on and when pressed the cube. The alarm clock is quiet. In principle, for this money is very good.

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    Excellent material and product even when the seller didn’t turn on the screen very attentive and responsible

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    Very cool, for the price you have you can’t ask for more

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    Arrived well packed, but not working!

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    Nice tks

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    Corresponds to the description. The seller quickly sent .. well packed. There are no batteries included. How I will check and later finish. I ordered my daughter, she really liked.

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  208. Think Unicorn Shopper

    needs special batteries for the watch and AAA batteries for the light – went to the trash as the batteries would have been more expensive than the clock

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    The watch cable connects through any charge for the phone for illumination, instead of batteries.

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    The order came before the time, the daughter is very satisfied. the seller 5 +

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    The clock is cool, everything works as it should. Minus long delivery 2 months.

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    Beautiful clock but the time didn’t show on mine. Probably a defect, seller offered a refund fast

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    Very good article

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    Product as seem shipped fast
    But קבלתי it after
    כחוגש and three weeks.
    Need 4 AA batteries
    Plus 2 button batteries
    The watch look good

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    Daughter in delight thank the Chinese

  256. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Came around, the lights work but the clock not.

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    There are quite a few 6 batteries for one alarm clock.

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    Works very well thank you

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    Delivery to Chelyabinsk 10 days!!
    But please note, the cable is not included, you need to order separately.
    What now and have to do.

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    It came very quickly! Thank you! I recommend! :)✌️

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    The cable really is very short. Correct description

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    Product equal to description. It fulfills the purpose and works properly

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    Very fast shipping

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