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Unicorn Water Bottle Camelbak


Unicorn Water Bottle Camelbak
Unicorn Water Bottle Camelbak


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Wherever you are, a Unicorn must always carry a Camelbak Unicorn Water Bottle ! Carry your liquid safely without any leakage in your bag.

  • The planet is suffering and we’re more and more into ecology !
  • Comfort+ : Lightweight & Resistant
  • Optimal transport : Coffee, hot water, ice water, wherever you are
  • 100% Hermetic : Material reworked for your comfort
  • Maintains Temperature For 24 Hours
  • Practical water bottle : The stainless steel water bottle in trendy colours is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable
  • Appropriate size: Bottle capacity: 500 ml (17 oz.)
  • Made by Think-Unicorn designer team

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    Excellent. Thanks. look good

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    the color is not peach and not red 🙁

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    Nice product❤

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    Thank you very much to the seller recommend

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    Great bottles and fast delivery – thank you.

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    Came defective, without the upper part. It is bad that the seller does not check the goods, although it is clear that it is impossible to drink from such a drink. Looking forward to the second. I liked the bottle itself, the plastic is slightly soft, i think it should not crack from the fall. In dispute, the money was returned, but the sediment remained, i hope that the second will be normal.

  12. A***s

  13. C***R

    very fast my dutter loved it!

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  15. y***O

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    Viskas OK patiko, Kai išpakavau buvo kvapas, tačiau greit išsivėdino matyt Nuo įpakavimo buvo.

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    Excellent, i advise!!! 2 weeks shipping to israel

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    fast delivery..nice..exelent product

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    The smell is inside the bottle, washed. dry) delivery is average.

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    I accidentally submitted this item as package received however I did not receive it yet. I told the seller about this and they were friendly and gave me accurate information to how much longer it should take for my water bottle to arrive. Good service, cute water bottle, the tube you drink from is also good.

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    came within a week with epacket!!! looks amazing, wrapped well. satissfied!!!

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    Product complies with the description. Recommend!

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    The bottle smelled a little after washing IT with bowling water IT was better. Come with a small malfunction but i was able to mend IT by myself. In general everything iż fine and IT is worth it’s price

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    Good product, came quickly, recommend seller

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    The second bottle came finally whole. The quality is excellent.

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    thank you its great!!!

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    The second bottle with a unicorn came a whole. In business like, the child opens herself in a kindergarten without problems

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    very good quality fast shipping

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    Very very beautiful!

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    the bottle is great, i want to order more like capten america it is over?

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    Qualiti of product very good, looks same as on pictute. Very good packed in air pocket.

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    Free Shipping 22 days. It matches the description. I recommend the product and the seller.

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    It’s safe

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    Parcel arrived well. Article as in the photos

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    It is equal to the photo and good quality. It took 18 days to arrive in spain.

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    Bottle super! I will definitely order more. Bright, roomy, does not leak. Came quickly, within 2 weeks

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    Arrival in spain super fast. Thank you.

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    Excellent bottle, cheaper untwisted nalgene, inner diameter 50mm, male thread 55mm

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    Bottle big
    Picture beautiful

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    So cute and practice

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    Daughter very satisfied. Recommend product and salesman

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    I got the same product they show. It looks tough and doesn’t leak, though we’ll see with the use. Quite better than others sold in physical stores. It took him 2 weeks to arrive.

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    The bottle is cool! Does not leak, does not smell, very comfortable!

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    Overall satisfied, for some reason the order first came to lviv, and then from there to my city, but it’s not the fault of the seller) at first smells of plastic, but i think it’s because what was well packed in a pile of polyethylene, when checked already was all good, how long will the drawing last i do not know, But the price is acceptable, looks great, without marriage, so i like it!

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  250. Think Unicorn Shopper


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    Order in Israel received in a month. The bottle was awfully vanishing flat. It wasn’t really drinking with her. Washed ferry several times. One helped. Put inside a dry tea bag and closed the bottle and it helped

  333. S***à

    Good material but nozzle design hard up water

  334. L***a

    now i know how much i have drink to drink every hour from 9am to 12pm 🙂

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    All Super

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    Thank you! The child is happy! Good thick plastic! Does not smell! We have been using for a month and everything is OK!

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    Everything is good. I’m recommend seller and product. Thank you.

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    Excellent bottles, all as in the description.

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  362. E***o

    As advertised, the colors are a little more dashed, but very nice and the water doesn’t come out

  363. C***e

    Cute and well packaged, I love it

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  365. J***r

  366. Z***d

    I am very happy with the bottle and It is my friend it makes me hydrated . The design is nice 🙂 its cute and well packaged but the shipping is too long .

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  369. R***.

    In 33 days delivered in Belgium.
    Looks good.
    4, 60eur

  370. M***i

  371. J***z

  372. N***a

    A good bottle, the daughter everywhere carries with him both for training and for developing. The volume is good large. With a solid tube it is convenient. There is a hole so that the air gets when you drink, you lower the tube closed.

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    Bottle Super

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    The goods were satisfied. Very quickly came. bottle as in the picture and fully corresponds to the description. thank you very much to the seller)

  382. Think Unicorn Shopper

    The bottle is beautiful, smooth. No smell. I ordered 2 pieces, came in a vacuum package. Delivery to Moscow Region 1 months 2 weeks

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  384. D***o

    The bottle is very good, packed for glory

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    Best packing in the world! Delivery is also on top. Picture quality, foreign odors no, bottle comfortable

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    It took a long time to get there but it’s really cool.

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    Delivery to Mo about 3 weeks. Corresponds to the photo, looks cute, does not leak

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    It was packaged so well, im very happy with my purchase

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    It’s very pretty, all perfect

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    A good bottle, smells of green tea, which is a little saturated. Climbed into fidbag, now you can drink on the go

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  415. L***f

    A lot of time shipping

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  417. L***f

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  420. O***y

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  424. B***r

    Got it right

  425. t***i

    Shipping Durable Goods Standard

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  427. V***a

    The goods are good, made qualitatively!!!! Nothing where does not rub!!!! The child is happy!!!!

  428. j***j

    The product itself is as described and as described and as I requested thank you very much I don’t know how tough it can be to a fall and that but the thing is, it’s what I asked for thank you SSSS

  429. L***a

    Fast and cute

  430. J***e

  431. g***g

    Excellent bottle, fully consistent with the description, there is a smell of plastic, but quickly disappeared. I advise everyone

  432. m***o

  433. R***a

    good product

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  435. V***h

  436. s***u

  437. A***i

  438. T***a

    Bottle just bomb!!!! Bright, odorless, large. We really liked it)))

  439. A***v

    Very good bottle. Daughter even drinks from her at night 🙂

  440. Y***

    fast shipping

  441. f***d

  442. A***v

    The seller quickly sent the order! The goods went more than 2 months, was part of the gift for the new year, but did not have time to come 🙁 The seller returned the money, today received the parcel, everything is well packed, everything looks good! I put “5”, as I understand that most of the fault lies with the company forwarder.

  443. R***r

    Excellent bottle, perfectly packed, nothing damaged!

  444. J***e

  445. k***r

  446. v***r

  447. y***a

  448. A***a

    Wonderful bottle, all as in the picture, the picture in the process of operation until Lost

  449. r***r

  450. a***a

    Water bottle for daughter! I will give on March 8! Thank you seller!

  451. a***a

    The item arrived before the due date and i am in love with the bottle!

  452. A***e

    The bottle is comfortable, the color is very beautiful. The product pleased with the quality. The bottle came well packed, no scratches or damage. The order was tracked to Russia. The seller is very good, sociable, ready to solve any issues. Definitely recommend.

  453. Y***n

    Just like the photos

  454. E***a

    Everything is cool, but there is a smell

  455. A***z

    Jast as in the picture, very good quality.

  456. D***o

    It was 2 months in Peter. The goods are satisfied. Doesn’t smell anything. Packed was super, if desired, Russian Post could not damage anything.

  457. O***a

    February 7 paid, February 20 took in the post office (Moscow). The bottle is large, strong, kind-as in the picture. Happy with the purchase.

  458. R***e

    Waited from the beginning of December, and did not wait. the seller extended the protection, sent quickly. Alas, in Latvia the order remained. Opened a dispute.

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