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Birthday Unicorn Gift Ideas For Girls And Toddlers

Birthday Unicorn Gift Ideas For Girls And Toddlers

Following trends and styles has come a long way from eternity. The colours of the seasons are constantly changing. Sometimes the most daring and often muted tones make their mark in the world of celebrities and become an emblematic colour of the season or the year, for thousands of fans to follow. The most recent online is the colour Unicorn. This can make the best unicorn birthday gifts for girls.

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When it comes to giving gifts to our beloved ones, especially girls, we are completely spoiled for choice from the wide range of products that make appropriate gift materials. However, this time there can be a twist in the same thing. Even if you like the basics, you can soften it a little for them and make it unique. With so many color components and options, you can opt for those painted in unicorn tones to give regular materials a new look. Yes, these best unicorn gift ideas are always a good option for loved ones because they have that personal touch that other things lack. Plus, what better than a unicorn-themed gift to make it a memorable one ?

Here are some unicorn gift ideas that can also fit your budget :

Unicorn Birthday Party With Cupcakes

Une peluche XL à thème licorne

Giving a stuffed toy as a gift is not a problem. It is by far the most popular gift of all. However, add a twist to this regular theme by opting for a unicorn theme that will make it an instant favourite and set it apart from all other gifts. The best part about this cuddly toy is that it comes in XL size. Imagine your daughter’s happiness by opening her giant unicorn gift !

The best part about this unicorn plush? It has reinforced seams and a little purple heart is embroidered on the side, your child will be the happiest.

Mug on the theme of unicorns

Why don’t you get her a ceramic mug, for a little extra charge? Yeah, you guessed it. We suggest a unicorn-themed mug as the best Unicorn Birthday Gift for the girls. The beautiful pastel colors in their muted tones with unicorn patterns go so well with the structure of the mug. Every time she takes a sip, it will remind her of your love.

At Ma Petite Licorne, the mugs have a high definition unicorn design with direct digital printing. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, which greatly reduces the hassle. Moreover, they are ultra resistant and when they come out of the microwave you can’t get burned. So, what do you say to this original little gift ?

The ultimate unicorn set

An ultimate choice, this unicorn-themed set includes pyjamas, plush indoor slippers and a bathrobe. This surely makes the list of the Best Unicorn Gift Ideas for girls.

  • Unicorn pyjamas are made with comfort in mind. With a high definition design, our pyjamas are ultra soft and comfortable. They are made of 100% cotton and you can machine wash them! Make yourself comfortable with your beautiful unicorn pyjamas during a winter Sunday or for a costume party !
  • Unicorn slippers are so comfortable with their fleece fabric. They are very comfortable to wear during the winter because they keep your feet warm. The soles of the slippers are made of rubber which makes them non-slip.
  • Unicorn bathrobes are ideal for your after bath. Are you cold after your bath? Unicorn bathrobes will bring you softness and warmth. Then, let yourself be tempted…
Peoples Dancing With Unicorn Pajamas

Unicorn-themed T-shirt

T-shirts are now a must in the gift category. So why not make this gift even more original and unique by bringing the theme of unicorns.

Join the unicorn club with this trendy t-shirt!

The quality of the t-shirt is exceptional: made of 100% combed organic cotton, it offers a superior quality. Your beloved will feel like a princess and make this unicorn t-shirt his or her all-time favourite.

Birthday candles and cake decoration

To top it all off, how would you like to have Unicorn candles for an original birthday party for your daughter? Take her to the magical land of unicorns by dedicating her party to this theme.

You don’t have time to make a fancy unicorn birthday cake? Don’t panic, this decoration is here to relieve you. Yes, it is! We have thought of the smallest details to make you live a better experience and especially to make you dream !

$59.90 $34.90
$59.90 $34.90

We’ve given you lots of gift ideas. All you have to do now is to organize the birthday party on the theme of the unicorn: confetti and unicorn decorations will be there !

Oh yes, and don’t forget to offer your best unicorn gift by mixing why not trendy, originality and fun !

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