7 Secrets About Unicorn That You Don’t Know

7 Secrets About Unicorn That You Don’t Know

Today, the unicorn is so popular that you think you know everything about it ! Fortunately, it is only what we believe, because reality is quite different and there are secrets that have been well kept until now. Yes, the secret of the unicorn.

Today, there are 07 of them and they are nowhere on the Internet ! Don’t worry, we are not talking about the movie celebrating the adventures of Tintin and the secret of the unicorn. Here, it’s more about discovering true things that haven’t been popularized about the white horse with the twisted horn.

All right, are you ready to discover the hidden side of this legendary animal with a unique horn ? If so, let’s see what it is now. After the 50 craziest theories about unicorns ! Here are the 7 secrets about the unicorn that you don’t know !

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Dark Vador Vs Unicorn

Secret 1 : The unicorn is not entirely harmless as it is believed to be

You think the unicorn is a gentle, protective, harmless animal? If so, you’re not quite right. Indeed, like most animals with horns, the unicorn is not as harmless as that and you will find out.

Remember that little story about the unicorn being a pure horse that contributes to royal justice? Well, let’s analyze that further. Indeed, to defend the kingdom, the unicorn used its long horn to beat the guilty without mercy and this until death ensued.

Moreover, it is also noted that it devoured the sun in order to make the rain come, which once again shows its offensive side.

Although each of her actions was for her own good, this proves that the unicorn did use her horn as a “weapon of destruction”. But what difference does it make? We will always continue to love him in the same way, and maybe even more for some fans.

Secret 2 : The unicorn did exist and may continue to do so

Haha, you weren’t the only ones who believed it! Maybe the stories on the Internet lied. The unicorn isn’t just an invention of Greek mythology. According to certain facts, it did exist and perhaps still populates the earth. It’s a real secret, isn’t it?

If you’re not convinced, let’s start with the Bible. Although not unanimous in its accounts, it mentions unicorns seven times as terrifying animals. You still remember the verse “save me from the horn of the unicorn”.

Here, it is no longer the offensive side of the unicorn that interests us, but the fact that it is real. For those who believe in the Bible, there is no need to add more. If the Bible mentions the unicorn, what it has brought out of our world and may still be in it.

White Unicorn

Secret 3 : Wearing a unicorn accessory has nothing to do with being LGBT

This third secret comes to us from the media, popular thought, etc. But let us tell the truth! Love and the unicorn tendency existed long before the rise of the LGBT movement. In France, very few articles on the internet link LGBT – unicorn.

If this trend has spread widely, it is simply because of the detractors of the protective equine who have greatly shared the belief.

Indeed, even if it is possible to observe a few features of the unicorn on the LGBT symbol, this does not mean that all unicorn accessories belong to this branch. As was the case a few years ago, one can wear unicorn pyjamas, unicorn slippers or even dress up as a unicorn without any bad intentions.

Most people do it just to pay tribute to the mythical animal and why not us? Now that this unicorn secret is out, let’s break this barrier and put our unicorn accessories in peace.

Secret 4 : The unicorn is not always used wisely in fairy tales

You probably know Harry Porter, the famous magic movie that marked his era? Well, you should know that he makes the unicorn appear differently from what you see in cartoons. Here, our white horse is not the protector of princesses or the water purifier. Contrary to all expectations, “unicorn hair” is used in this film to make the witch Pansy Parkinson more beautiful (which will allow her to marry a king).

Can’t you see the problem? Well, the previous marriage was meant to give the witch more authority and allow her to do even more harm to the innocent. Let’s not forget that it was her intention to deliver the hero of the film to her enemy “Voldemort”.

After all, it wasn’t a whole unicorn, but what does it matter? The unicorn was used to do harm.

Unicorn With Laser

Secret 5 : WWF's Panda could have been replaced by a unicorn

Did you know that the WWF logo is a panda for the simple reason that this animal is endangered and must be protected? Why didn’t they choose a unicorn? Although it’s no real secret, the unicorn is also a symbol of nature protection.

Indeed, the fact that it is always associated with abundance makes it a true protector of nature. In addition to purifying the waters that relieve other animals, it devours the sun (which brings rain). On closer examination, we quickly realize that it even allows plants to grow because of the rain it brings.

Secret 6 : You use unicorn start-ups every day without knowing it

The term has not been “wildly” successful, but be aware that unicorn companies are being used every day, even if you don’t know it. Do you know Uber? Blablacar? BnB? They are called unicorns for the same reason.

They’re worth over a billion dollars, but they’re not listed on the stock market. Funny, isn’t it? Also note that these are companies that were founded after 2003. The previous examples are French startups, but there are also many Chinese companies with this name.

Secret 7 : It wasn't the Internet that made the unicorn so popular

Haha, you don’t know that! The unicorn has been in great demand long before the Internet boom. After the beliefs of the Middle Ages, it is indeed the cinema that has accelerated the pace. Although the Internet has played an important role in the popularization of this fabulous creature, it is not the author of its current reputation.

In the cinema, it is especially achievements such as the adventures of Tintin or “my little pony” that have made the animal’s greatest success. Today, this popularity continues to grow and we are among those who maintain it.

Bonus Secret : Unicorns are watching us and will return if Men become more dignified

Unicorns And Fairy

We said seven, but the last secret is a bonus. Do you know that unicorns fled the earth because of the mentality and attitude of men? It’s true that we don’t say it a lot.

In the past, the unicorn was used to purify the virgin girl! For the story, the virgin girl would go to the foot of a tree and take off all her clothes to attract the unicorn by her beauty. Once the unicorn got close to the young woman, it lowered its head and touched her knees with its horn to purify her.

But after that, while the unicorn was trying to get away, the hunters came and attacked the unicorn to tear off its horn. So it was this behaviour that drove the unicorn away from the men in the sky where it continues to watch us.

According to many beliefs, the unicorn would be ready to return if the hearts of men became purer. That is to say, when Men are finally ready to live with it. Let us hope it will be in our own time.

The hidden secrets of the unicorn : what to remember

The origin of the unicorn is dithered! Many countries claim this animal and the trend is only increasing. As a fan of the unicorn, all these secrets should not affect us. We simply have to continue to support this fashion and believe in the powers of this animal.

If any of these secrets seem strange to you, please let us know in a commentary. Similarly, if you know something about the unicorn that is not generally known, we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Thank you for reading us, please feel free to visit our shop so that together we can raise the unicorn to its true value.

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