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The Magic Unicorn

Welcome to Think-Unicorn® young unicorn

Take my word for it (or the magic unicorn won’t come to you), Think-Unicorn® is THE best Online Shop for all unicorn fans. What do we have in common ? Our love for the pleasure of seeing our children playing with Unicorn Toys or going to school with magic !

Magic style or fun style ? It’s up to you. Here you can find a wide range of quality items centered on the theme of unicorn clothing(T-Shirts, Sweats, Jewelry, Accessories For Birthday Party, …). The collections are constantly growing, so I advise you to stay on the lookout for the latest novelties.

Think-Unicorn® ships its products worldwide FREE OF CHARGE. Your safety is our priority. We only offer secure, encrypted and guaranteed safe means of payment.

A problem with the post office? They will immediately send you a new parcel AT THEIR COST (secure delivery)!

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See you soon young unicorn,

The Magic Unicorn

Unicorn Clothing,Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets and hoodie

Welcome to the world of the magic unicorn ! At Think-Unicorn you are in The Best Unicorn Shop In The World. If like many fans you succumb to the magical power and beauty of unicorns, you’ve come to the right place. Because we are as much in love with unicorns as you are, all our products have been lovingly selected.

So, whether you want Clothes, Jewellery, Slippers, Plush, Pyjamas, Overalls, Bags, Or Any Other Unicorn Backpack, you will find satisfaction in our online shop. Moreover, each member of our team is a unicorn enthusiast who works day and night to improve our shop.

  • All the products in our shop are authentic and of good quality.
  • Our site is fully encrypted, which ensures the protection of all your personal data.
  • Our means of payment are multiple and the most reliable that exist.
  • Each of your actions in our shop is rewarded with loyalty points.
  • Your experience is improved every day for a more intuitive navigation.
  • The icing on the cake, we have a customer service department fully available for you 24/7.
  • No matter what Kawaii Unicorn product you want, we certainly have a piece for you and much more. So don’t be surprised to discover other more unusual unicorn items such as unicorn moneyboxes, mugs, key rings, and other similar decorations. After all, we have only one mission: to satisfy you without restraint !
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We deliver worldwide, delivery is completely free of charge.
Our delivery times are 7 to 12 days for America and 2 to 3 weeks for the rest of the world.


Our team is at your disposal for any question about our articles, your order or any other general question.


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Cover Yourself In Your Beautiful Unicorn Bedding & Bed Set, Pillow And Lamps

Did you know that the quality of your sleep depends in part on how your bed is made ? The better you make your bed, the better your sleep will be. So why not fall under the spell of our stylish and inexpensive unicorn bed linen sets ? Enjoy the protection of the white horse while you sleep, have fairy-tale dreams at night, decorate your children’s room and brighten up their nights ! Yes, all this is possible With The Unicorn Bedding.

As you know, your children love the unicorn! Thanks to our high-quality bed linen sets, you will be able to seduce each of them and make each of their nights memorable. For more pleasure and comfort, our team has been working on the best bed linen sets currently available. So, you will find in our shop all The Most Trendy Models Of Unicorn Bedding. For example, sets for lovers, unicorn rainbow kawaii unicorn bed linen, unicorn headwear, and even nicer models such as the beautiful baby unicorn bed linen.

In unicorn kingdom, you will always be satisfied! Whether it’s the quality product you buy, the security of payment, the fast delivery or even the after-sales service, each and every one of us works tirelessly to make you more satisfied. Buy your unicorn bedding set today and Enjoy The Benefits Of The Unicorn In Your Room, your children’s room, your parents’ room and more.

Unicorn Easter Egg

Adulte And Girls Unicorn Costume For Kids, Toddler & Babies

Women or men, we are all attracted by the originality and comfort of unicorn suits. Thanks to its soft material and its charming side, it becomes difficult to do without it. Fortunately, Our Unicorn Wetsuit Never Lets Go ! Whether it is to spend soothing nights, to use it as a Christmas costume, as a halloween costume or even for our fancy dress parties, this cozy garment will always be ready to accompany us.

For most people, the unicorn suit is the best way to show off ! That’s why we have focused on the best unicorn suits, pyjamas and kigurumis to discover in our unicorn shop. Each of our products has been selected to be your constant companion.

Halloween, Dog & Inflatable Costumes

As you certainly know, unicorn accessories protect us and give us a good mood every day. Moreover, they are excellent gift ideas for your friends and children. So whether it is for Christmas, a christening, a birthday or any other jolly occasion, Giving A Unicorn Costume will always be one of the most beautiful gifts.

They are available in all colours, in all styles, and above all at the best price on the market. Don’t hesitate to buy yours now and take advantage of the discount prices on all our sets (rainbow, pink, unisex, blue, one piece, two pieces, boys, girls, children, etc.).


Buy Our Unicorn Accessories On Our Online Shop Specialized On Unicorns

Being ready for winter means having the right equipment to keep you warm ! So get ready with our beautiful, Soft And Comfortable Unicorn Slipper. Girls and boys alike, the unicorn slipper and bootie are suitable for everyone. Indeed, they are one of the most popular unicorn accessories in our shop. The cause ? In addition to keeping our feet warm, it gives us the magical power of the unicorn on a daily basis.

After long hours of work or a tiring day after school, your feet will enjoy relaxing in something as cozy as the unicorn shoe. It is easy to put on and takes the shape of your feet perfectly. In unicorn kingdom, we are as passionate as you are ! That’s why we always make the best choices in terms of equipment to satisfy you.

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Make A Beautiful Gift To Yours Friends With A Beautiful Unicorn Jewelry, Earrings, Necklace Or Bracelet

No matter what style or colour you prefer, you will find exactly what you need ! For example, think about plush slippers For Women, tap shoes, rainbow slippers, multicolor, blue, pink, white, etc.

Do you want to please one of your loved ones and you don’t know what to give them ? A Unicorn Necklace will do the trick. Buy yours in our shop and take advantage of our special offers. Whether you want to please a girl, seduce your fiancé, reinforce the complicity with your children, or even express your love to your parents, this fairy accessory will know How To Express Itself In Your Place.

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